Episode Zero

Are we ever really ready to begin when something is new and totally foreign to us? Our wanting to feel ready holds us back in more ways than we are conscious of.  For me, it’s held up the release of this podcast for way longer than I ever imagined so today is about showing up fully and imperfectly, ripping off the band-aid of getting started, and making a commitment to DO THIS THING! I hope it may inspire you to do the same if you’ve been sitting on a dream, waiting for a moment, or trying to get things “just right” before you take the first big step with something…

With Gratitude,

Theresa Lear Levine empowers and provides therapeutic support to ambitious, entrepreneurial women who feel a calling to more effectively cope with and release stress, trauma, distraction and limiting beliefs so they can create a calm, clear environment for their purpose, passion, dreams, and next level goals to flourish and be manifested fully.

Theresa’s business, Becoming More Me, helps women become more of who they want to be as they positively transform, show up for themselves and others in greater ways, reclaim and stand tall in their power, and learn to love, accept and forgive themselves in all areas of life!

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