This week, you are going to want to press play on my interview with LaQuita Monley and catch our conversation because her personal life experiences and choices have given way to growth on so many levels.

LaQuita is a transformational coach, devoted military spouse, mom of 5 and grandmother of 5 and I guarantee you’ll find relatable moments as she shares her journey and stories with us.

These vulnerable and pivotal moments that Laquita shares are sure to renew your spirit and open your mind!

Listen as she shares the struggles and challenges that brought her into her current place of spirituality, mindset, unlearning and growth.

Most Fortune Cookies are vague and could apply to anyone but my latest fortune was like a huge head nod from the universe that just kept delivering all week long in quite specific ways!

With a little foresight, a lot of present moment enjoyment and the blessings of appreciation that come with hindsight, this is a pretty cool part of a larger story and manifestation I’ve been sharing in episodes for the last month….

ENJOY the ride cuz it’s sending you to FUN!

In this episode, I’ll share how to cultivate clarity and consciousness so you can create real and lasting change when it comes to your greatest challenges including the processes of EFT and Law of attraction when it comes to the transformations we desire.

And I have a special favor to ask that will ultimately serve you really well if you follow through because it will allow you to ask for specific coaching and have it delivered in my next workshop absolutely free! 

After you’ve listened to the episode, please submit your answers to me via email at [email protected].

This week I’m going to tell you a story about a big decision I had to make and the self coaching, emotional freedom and law of attraction principles I applied to make the decision with much greater ease. Thankfully, in this case, it was a decision I was blessed to get to make that is going to greatly contribute to positive feelings I have around supporting my children and creating incredible memories together but it was a major challenge for a moment to wrap my head around it all and I just know that you face stuff like this all the time, too! Let’s walk through putting together the puzzle of decisions and manifesting together. Bring your Kleenex cuz I get emotional….

If you want to tune in and see if you see me and my son in the stands and cheer on Team 1111 and their Robot, Corvus, at World Championships in Houston Texas from April 20-23rd, you can live stream the event on Twitch and follow the team at : https://www.twitch.tv/firstchesapeake?tt_medium=mobile_web_share&tt_content=channel

Wishing you ease in your decision making and outcomes that make you forget all the trouble!

In this episode, I’m talking to certified professional life & career coach, Deborah Voll, all about 2nd Acts, Purpose, Passion and Transformation!

You can learn more about Deborah and her Coaching by visiting www.deborahvoll.com .  And you can listen to her podcast, Calm the Chaos, here.

In this episode, I will share our experience securing passports for our four children less than three weeks prior to our international vacation.

If you haven’t already checked out episode 39, that’s where you’ll find PART ONE so you can catch up. In addition to sharing fun travel information, I’ll give you the low down about the actual appointments and also share the mindset shifts that made what could have felt chaotic drugery, a fun and exciting extension of our vacation.

EFT tapping truly helps in ALL situations!

In this episode, I’m having a conversation with Lawyer and Life Coach, Melissa Chureau, who has done some amazing work around Unwarranted Self Doubts (Aka: Imposterism). I got to know Melissa when she came to me as a client looking to overcome her fear of flying and have grown to know and love her since! I’m so glad to be able to shine her light and share her purpose and passion on the show today! Enjoy!

Learn more about Melissa and Her Coaching: www.thefullymindful.com

I can’t tell you how much the practice of EFT saved me, my marriage, my family, and my sanity when we sold and purchased our last home. Today, I’m going to share a few nuggets and examples of things that come up during the process of preparing a home to sell and purchasing a new one that are excellent to apply emotional freedom technique to. In my opinion, every person or family selling or buying a home and every real estate agent could benefit from this therapeutic modality because inevitably, tons of challenges and unexpected things come up when you were buying or selling a home and they also bring the service many things that you haven’t dealt with yet. Ultimately, it’s all a blessing but the consciousness that can be gained around it through EFT work, makes it even more worthwhile.

In today’s episode I am going to share with you about the value of deeper learning from something you’ve already read or previously understood as well as share with you the things I have been reading and rereading in my audible library and lots of a-ha moments from the books themselves
If you’re reading something amazing right now, I’d love it if you shared it with me.
Shoot me an email at [email protected] and let’s chat!
www.gamechangingconversation.com – Join me in conversation about how to use EFT for all of your life challenges and to elevate your current vibrations!

Today’s podcast episode 39 shares a big lesson learned 5 years ago when we were preparing for our first international vacation as a family of 6….but apparently, I didn’t learn it well enough because history is somewhat repeating itself RIGHT NOW…or rather “I am repeating myself”..

Live and learn…and then learn some more while not forgetting the living….

Thank goodness this time, I’m way better equipped to deal with the challenge mentally and emotionally!  

Have you ever wondered what symptoms like overwhelm, people pleasing, perfectionism, and overachieving, and a need to always be busy add up to? In this episode we’ll explore the ways that High Functioning Anxiety presents itself and explore what’s behind it and how to resolve it.

In this episode, I’m discussing how expectations can sabotage us (aka: Stealth Expectations) and how recognizing and recovering from periods of overwhelm and depression can be made easier by identifying those unspoken expectations as I share my week of overwhelm, breakdowns and breakthroughs.

It’s very apropos that this all happened at the same time as I received a bouquet of beautiful long stem roses that expressed a parallel pattern to what was going on in my life.

There’s beauty and lessons in all the confusion!

You’re in for a treat today as I dive into the unexpected perks as well as some awesome tips and tricks you can put to use today as you implement emotional freedom techniques.  Seriously y’all….tapping is the ULTIMATE “friend with benefits!” and it’s your turn to see for yourself!

In this episode I’m going in depth about why personal development and knowledge fails when it comes to actually creating a change in our lives. I’m also sharing two brand new big goals that I’ve added to my personal list for 2022. I’d love to hear what your BHAGS for the year might be and I hope the information about how to get unstuck with your personal development and desired action taking help you make them happen! 

If you’ve ever been curious about hypnosis, don’t miss this candid interview with Lynnsey Robinson, Certified Hypnotherapist and Intuitive as she shares her journey with hypnotherapy, describes how it works and deep dives into multiple intricacies and benefits of the practice.  I personally love hypnosis and the way it pairs with EFT and other therapies to facilitate faster and more permanent change with ease. This was such a fun and informative conversation….we might need to revisit this on a future episode, too! I welcome your questions about the practice and things you’d like to know more about.

To connect with Lynnsey and learn more about her coaching, memberships and other offerings, go to Lynnseyrobinson.com and be sure to also check out the High Vibin’ It Podcast that she co-hosts with Kelsey Aida.

In today’s episode we’re talking about handling life when unexpected challenges come your way. I’m gonna talk about to gut punches that hit me and my family within a 12 hour period and how I’m coping with them. I’ll also share a tapping round that you can do along with me to help lowerThe stress or other negative emotions encountered when unexpected negative things happen in your life and throw you for a loop.

In this episode we talking about co-creating and improving your relationship with the universe, manifesting everything from parking spaces to your dream hubby, and Affirming your way to self love and acceptance in ways you’ll actually BELIEVE it can happen! I’ve got self-empowerment author and advocate, Kelsey Aida on the show today and she’s here to help you own your power and win at life! Dig in and find some new ways to become more of who you want to be in this world with ease and fun!

To connect with Kelsey and learn more about her books, coaching and other offerings, go to kelseyaida.com and be sure to also check out the High Vibin’ It Podcast that she co-hosts with Lynnsey Robinson.

Full speed ahead is a recipe for eventual disaster. While it can wreak havoc on anxious or panicky types to slow down AT ALL, it is ultimately what is necessary to gain traction and be able to speed up when it makes sense in life and business. It’s also necessary in order to get OUT of letting feelings of anxiousness run your life instead of YOU!

In today’s episode we’ll talk more about what slowing down to speed up actually looks like and how it translates to better success, mental health and so much more! Take a few minutes and SLOW DOWN with me! It’ll be worth it!

In last weeks episode we talked a little bit about the undercurrent of stress and anxiety we carry from past events and how proper work and reflection with EFT and really resolve those energetic blockages and bring more of your power into the present moment without dwelling on the past in unhelpful ways.

Today I’m sharing with you some very personal examples of what this might look like, and why certain treatment methods are so effective and fast in comparison to other ways of dealing with past traumas and bothersome memories that are still doing damage presently even if you’re not conscious of it. We’re going deep today and I can’t wait for you to dive in with me!

2021 is coming to a close and I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you who has joined me in listening to the becoming more me podcast during its first year and production.

As someone who believe s we can change a lot for our present moment in the type of reflection and work we do on past events, today I’d like to give you a helpful exercise to reflect and recap your 2021 as you turn the page to 2022.

If you find this episode later on, don’t worry, it will be relevant any time, not just during the transition from one year to the next!

I would love to hear some of the things that you have found pride in doing in the past year if you’d like to share them with me. Wishing you a wonderful close of 2021 and an amazing beginning of 2022! 

Goal setting seems pretty straightforward and yet most people have a lot of difficulty actually achieving big goals. Most of this has to do with subconscious blocks and even trauma from previous goals that didn’t come to fruition or work out how we intended. In this episode, we’re going to talk about all of that and learn how to get past the energetic and unconscious obstacles so that you can become someone who both sets and achieves amazing goals!

People always ask how I do what I do….there are many reasons they ask…but this episode will give you a peek inside what typical weekly stuff looks like around here for my family and my business as well as some special stuff that’s happening this week. I’ll share some ADHD and mindset hacks, some time saving health and nutrition hacks, some ways I delegate, how we’re preparing for holidays and generally taking care of our home and kids and SO much more…..a LOT really does happen in a 7 day period! If you have specific questions or parts of my life you’d like a little more visibility about, just ask!

In this episode, I’m giving you all the important points you’ll want to know and check out before you hire an EFT coach or anyone you’re bringing into your circle to help you up-level your life or sort out your challenges! These tips and insights will save you time and money and get you far better results from the coaching you seek! If you’d like to have a private chat with me about how I may be able to help or support you, please apply here. Best of luck discovering the right person for you to “do the work” with! Your diligence and discretion as you make this choice will be a big difference maker for you!

Today’s topic totally fascinates, excites and empowers my ever move! Understanding the liberation of our negative emotions and the manifestation of our positive ones is not something we ever learn about in school….though we totally should! In this episode you’ll learn about the limitlessness of the upper chakras and the complete limitations of the lower ones and how they support and build on each other. This understanding will lead you to be able to pinpoint exactly what is in need of work in your life in order for you to be able to do and achieve things that have never seemed possible previously! Let’s get manifesting, baby!

There is a lot of complimentary knowledge that supports my EFT practice and the way I help people achieve breakthroughs, goals, inner peace and emotional freedom. In my opinion, none is more powerful than the use of the Chakra System with EFT.  Since I know that Chakras will come in many future episodes, I wanted to spend a little time this week just talking generally about the system….what it is, where the 7 chakras are located, how they affect us, how we can affect them and so much more! I hope this is a fun, and logical way to understand the energy centers of our body and just how powerful and empowering our understanding of them can be when it comes to achieving what we want in life!

In this week’s episode, I am sharing an interview I had the privilege of giving to Stephen Carter from the EFT Tapping Junction Podcast, which I highly recommend checking out.
He speaks to many EFT experts on his show, especially those who use other modalities in conjunction with the emotional freedom technique.
In this episode I’m talking about the disempowering beliefs blocking female entrepreneurs from success and how they can be transformed using EFT.
I’ll be sharing how I have overcome struggles with ADHD, trauma, and anxiety to create a successful business, as well as emotional well being and how others can do the same.

Here’s the link if you would like to grab a copy of unblock your energy to unlock success as a mompreneur. BecomingMoreMeFreeGift.com

In this episode we’re talking about the evolution of evolution….more specifically the value of consciousness, reflection and refinement on the results you’re after in your life, relationships and business. We’ll take a look at procrastination and self sabotage as I share some real life examples from my experiences in implementing what I’ve learned over the years and leveling up!

In this episode I will give you a real life example deep inner work directly correlates to the way you move forward with different tasks and strategies you are wanting to implement (or have been consciously or unconsciously avoiding) in your business… Or in any other area of your life!

This is going to bring it full circle and connect ADHD tendencies with EFT (emotional freedom technique) solutions as well as my easy trick for emailing your customer/client list daily in 15 minutes or less…

I’d love to hear from you… What have you been avoiding, dragging your feet about or delaying the completion of? Is there any place in your life or business where my transcription trick could save you time and energy?

Interested in strategizing about the best ways to improve the way you feel and flow in your life in business? Let’s chat!

Do thoughts ever just pile up in your head with no time to express them the way you feel you need to?  Have you ever noticed there are cycles to this that may even correspond to your menstrual cycle? Today, I’ll share with you the way I recently dealt with what felt like a huge backlog of feelings and things I needed to talk about and explain the seasons of our cycles.  If you need help sorting through your thoughts and the way they show up as action or inaction in your life, let’s chat. Having a conversation is the way I help people begin the process of breaking through and creating a different experience and outcome for themselves.  And it’s free! 🙂 I look forward to learning about your life challenges soon and helping you create a plan for success and emotional freedom!


This episode is all about Meditation…and many ways to get mindful….even while multitasking.  So, if you’ve ever doubted your capability to meditate, or have adhd like me and simply find it REALLY challenging sometimes (all the time, lol),  join me and and discover some methods that may be just the thing to get you into the Ohm-zone! And, you know i love EFT so if you want to use EFT as your form of meditation, grab this ebook which is full of great 5 minute exercises and tap along rounds to get you feeling happily meditated and positively transformed!
Click here https://www.theresasfreegift.com/optin1631734950048

Today we’re talking about value, perceived and monetary, accountability, and why paying for the things you value matters and creates a greater result.

What do you value?

I’d love to hear about things you like to go to waste or never paid attention to until you paid for them or things you value immensely because of the way you’ve invested in them.

Happy listening!

If this time of year or life in general has you feeling anxious, please check out this awesome free e-book I just published!


I swear sometimes podcasting is my most effective form of therapy for myself, 🤣

But seriously, it’s great to get to talk through things with you guys/my audience and I always appreciate your insights and feedback.

Today, my ADHD brain is going all over the place but I promise everything connects!

From the way that I organize my listening library to the way the school year has been starting off with four kids and five schools, national bus shortages, had a massive need to put coping mechanisms into use, we’re gonna talk about a little bit of everything.

If this time of year or life in general has you feeling anxious, please check out this awesome free e-book I just published!


This episode is my interview from the Your Best Life and Business where I was interviewed by Mala Kennedy.

As a special perk to my listeners, you can still snag the free gift I talked about here.

Now, let’s chat about EFT’s unreal ability to help mompreneurs get unblocked and navigate their complex emotions surrounding home and business life!!

If there’s a particular way that bring a mompreneur is weighing on you, I’d be grateful to hear about it and speak into it in a future episode! Send me a message or tag me on social!

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenna Reiss, a Breathwork Meditation Healer. Listen to learn more about the healing power of breath and experience some breathing techniques with us.  We go deep!

If it’s easier for you to understand the breathing techniques by watching, please catch the video version of the podcast on YouTube.

Learn more from Jenna or work with her directly by visiting her website at https://jennareiss.com/.

And please, send me a message or tag me on social with your aha moments and takeaways from todays show! I love hearing from you!

This episode is an excerpt from the Overwhelmed to Empowered Summit where I was interviewed by Breathwork and Meditation Instructor Andrea Baykir.

As a special perk to my listeners, you can still snag the free gift I talked about here

Now, let’s chat about EFT’s unlimited potential to help Mom’s navigate their complex emotions and towering responsibilities with greater ease, consciousness, joy and fulfillment!

If there’s a particular way that motherhood is weighing on you, I’d be grateful to hear about it and speak into it in a future tapping round! Send me a message or tag me on social!

I’m so excited that the FIRST guest I’m talking to on this show is someone who has played a key role in inspiring, supporting and mentoring me to where I am today!

Meghan Eggleston is a mom of 3 who built a 7-figure business as top leader in a health & wellness MLMl She’s now launching a life coaching practice & she’s always been passionate about helping women courageously create what they want in their lives.

Check out the awesome conversation between me and Meghan….there’s some deep thoughts going on in this one and we’re examining and deconstructing each of them thoroughly!

Learn more from Meghan by visiting her website at www.meghaneggleston.com and book a free life coaching session with her here (limited time!) : https://link.ruleyourbusiness.com/widget/appointment/meetwithmeghan/freecoaching

There is a very fine line between procrastinating and prioritization.  In this episode, we’re going to cover how to differentiate between the two and find more ways to prioritize and stop procrastinating so much. Please tag or message me with any additional ideas you might have or lightbulb moments you experience while you’re listening…I’d love to be part of the conversation!

Click here for the tapping round to end procrastination

As a Work from Home Mompreneur who helps other WFH business oriented Mamas, Back to School (BTS) time is full of change and can give us extra things to navigate and figure out. Here are some tips for dealing with all the complex things that come at us during this season…

I’d love to hear from you…what are your best tips or questions about dealing with this season of change?

Hot off of an amazing workshop with fellow female entrepreneurs and coaches and wanting to honor the fact that we all need help and that only through accepting that assistance and those up-leveled accountability, can we be the coaches, mentors and supporters that we strive to be. It just can’t be done well or for very long ALONE….It’s essential to embrace the process yourself. I mean, how can you expect your clients to be coachable if you aren’t?

In this episode, we’re talking about mentorship and the awesome breakthroughs, perspectives and opportunities that show up when you seek or provide mentoring.

I’d love to hear about your mentoring experiences or the cool insights or breakthroughs that came from them…

When planning and executing trips for a large family with a wide variety of ages, capabilities and interests, it can be a little challenging but I wanted to share both the mental health and planning side of family vacay as well as the actual things we did and places we went because the whole trip was pretty awesome! We created tons of amazing memories and had a lot of cool learning opportunities, too. Among them, I learned that EFT is amazing for that rollercoaster anxiety that kicks in right before you buckle in….And that meditation and “me time” built in to each day made a huge difference in my mood, stress and ability to “go with the flow” throughout the days with a family that doesn’t always put their best foot forward, behave or agree on things…

Schedule your Free Emotional Mapping Strategy Session: Click Here

The family restaurant I recommended in Sandusky was Berardi’s: http://www.sanduskyberardis.com/

Here’s some cool info on the Pittsburgh Incline that we took and walked to DiFiore’s Ice Cream on Shiloh Street. http://www.duquesneincline.org/

In this episode, I’m going tot let you into the sacred space of my early morning, share my current routine and give you tips and ideas for elevating your vibe, improving your mental and physical health, clearing your energy and setting up your day for success! Please share the things you want to start doing or the things you currently do that have been raising your frequency and making you feel amazing as your day begins! What time do you normally rise and shine?

I’m so pumped to bring you PART THREE of this special 3 part series on Unblocking your Energy to Unlock Success in your Business! I have created special eBooks to go along with each episode and you can grab yours here, absolutely free: https://bit.ly/becomingmoremeebook

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback on this transformative series! I hope the material helps you to begin the process of up leveling your business and your personal levels of Emotional Freedom so you can share your gifts with the world with even more ease, joy and success! 🙂

Tag me on social @theresalearlevine as you share your excitement or takeaways from each episode and I’ll send you an awesome tapping session video!

I’m so pumped to bring you PART TWO of this special 3 part series on Unblocking your Energy to Unlock Success in your Business! I have created special eBooks to go along with each episode and you can grab yours here, absolutely free: https://bit.ly/becomingmoremeebook

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback on this transformative series! I hope the material helps you to begin the process of up leveling your business and your personal levels of Emotional Freedom so you can share your gifts with the world with even more ease, joy and success! 🙂

Tag me on social @theresalearlevine as you share your excitement or takeaways from each episode and I’ll send you an awesome tapping session video!

I’m so pumped to bring you this special 3 part series on Unblocking your Energy to Unlock Success in your Business! I have created special eBooks to go along with each episode and you can grab yours here, absolutely free: https://bit.ly/becomingmoremeebook

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback on this transformative series! I hope the material helps you to begin the process of up leveling your business and your personal levels of Emotional Freedom so you can share your gifts with the world with even more ease, joy and success! 🙂

Tag me on social @theresalearlevine as you share your excitement or takeaways from each episode and I’ll send you an awesome tapping session video!

✨💕✨The seasons are changing and it’s time to re-evaluate, examine and even reconfigure your goals and schedule so you can keep fueling your dreams even amidst the changes.  Let my grit and recovering perfectionism inspire and lift you up as we navigate this together! ✨💕✨This episode is definitely a real life example of taking imperfect action and rolling with the changes….. ENJOY!

In this episode, I’m going to share with you my interview from the Mindset Evolution Summit where I appeared LIVE on June 5, 2021.  I was interviewed by business strategist and life coach, Stacey Brass Russell. There is a complete EFT Tapping round shared during the interview and I invite you to enjoy a video version that may be easier to follow along with here. Come along for the journey and learn how to integrate and grow with all the wonderful knowledge that comes your way each and every day that you are learning and expanding your mindfulness practices.

In this episode I want to lay the groundwork for how and why EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, has become such a big part of the work that I do and how the calling to pursue it arrived for a long time in whispers that I pushed aside before the louder and less easy to ignore signs showed up for me.  Everything in good time, right! Today is all about learning to trust your gut, develop your intuition and  allow it to guide you to amazing new frontiers!

Are we ever really ready to begin when something is new and totally foreign to us? Our wanting to feel ready holds us back in more ways than we are conscious of.  For me, it’s held up the release of this podcast for way longer than I ever imagined so today is about showing up fully and imperfectly, ripping off the band-aid of getting started and making a commitment to DO THIS THING! I hope it may inspire you to do the same if you’ve been sitting on a dream, waiting for a moment or trying to get things “just right” before you take a first big step with something…