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In this episode, I have the honor of speaking with Nathan Maingard, who is not just a transformational guide but also a troubadour of the soul. His path, rich with music and profound discoveries, is both inspiring and enlightening.
We explore:

  • The power of community and true connection
  • The impact of plant medicine on personal growth
  • Simple ways to incorporate breathwork and ice baths into daily life
  • The magic of weaving music into healing practices

Nathan’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of music and community. His beautiful integration of music into his work and his unique offering of custom heart songs for clients is truly magical.
Tune In To:

  • Gain insights into authentic connection
  • Learn from Nathan’s profound experiences
  • Discover practical tips for enhancing your well-being

Join us for this heartfelt episode and let Nathan’s journey inspire your path of becoming. 🎶✨

Check out what Nathan has to offer here:
Already Free Academy:
IG: @nathanmaingard


I had a blast chatting with Yeliena Theofilatos, a gifted anxiety therapist and CEO of My Blooming Heart Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

Yeliena skillfully merges hypnosis with nervous system regulation, empowering her clients to cultivate unshakeable self-trust.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Yeliena’s remarkable journey from Russia to New York, and finally to the serene landscapes of Hawaii 🗺️🌺
  • The profound impact of hypnotherapy in facilitating swift, meaningful transformations 🌟
  • The intriguing world of nervous system regulation and its significance in our lives 🌿💫
  • Simple yet effective practices for nurturing self-compassion and achieving a harmonious work-life balance

Our conversation is brimming with insights and practical tips to help you decelerate, connect with your subconscious mind, and leverage the incredible synergy between your mind and body. 🌸

Tune in to Episode 161 now and let Yeliena’s expertise guide you towards a more serene and empowered existence. 🎧💖



In this episode, I take you on a journey back to the vibrant landscapes of Chilliwack, where we conclude our soul-nourishing retreat. This episode isn’t just a recap; it’s an exploration of how our perceptions shape our realities. 🌲👁️

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Insightful Stories: Journey through an enchanted forest and relive the profound sessions with the intuitive Dr. Divi. Each moment is packed with emotional breakthroughs and spiritual insights.
  • Personal Transformations: I share my personal reflections on vision and sightedness, and how a change in perspective can alter everything from self-perception to interactions with the world. If you’ve never heard about my Retina Detachment and the world of exploration it’s led me through, this will be “eye-opening”….sorry, I couldn’t resist. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Deep Dive into Healing: Discover the profound impact of seeing things differently, both literally and metaphorically, and how this retreat has become integrated into my daily life.

This episode is for you specially if you’re looking to understand how vision—both internal and external—shapes our experience of life. 🌐 Whether it’s overcoming personal challenges or embracing a new way of being, the insights from this retreat will inspire you to look at life with new eyes.

Feel inspired, refreshed, and more connected to your inner self than ever before. Let’s embrace the beauty of perception together and transform the way we see the world. 🎧💖


In this episode, I guide you through a day so impactful, it deserved its own spotlight. From the majestic mountains to the enlightening sessions that expanded our hearts and minds, there’s so much impact to share from retelling stories and lessons learned! 🌄🦅

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

  • Intuitive Channeling: Unearth the power of tapping into your intuition.
  • Downward Causation Model of Health: Explore this intriguing approach to understanding health and wellbeing.
  • Frequency as the Root Cause: Discover how the vibrations and frequencies we emit influence our physical and mental states.
  • Integrating Growth: Learn how to harmonize personal and professional growth to create abundant, soul-aligned business ventures. 💼🌸
  • Community and Mastermind Magic: Understand the profound energy and support received from being part of an aligned community.

I also share my personal challenges and triumphs, from witnessing the awe-inspiring Northern Lights for the first time to navigating the complexities of staying present and integrating information without my usual productivity tools. 🌌 It seems my ADHD mind had adjustments to make on this adventure as well!✨

This episode is infused with heartfelt stories, practical insights, and deep connections fostered throughout the retreat. 🌟

To learn more or join the soulful selling community that Dan & Alexander run on Skool and future retreats they are hosting, Click HERE.


This week, because of the deeply spiritual and multifaceted impact, we’re continuing the exploration of my transformative experience at the business retreat in Chilliwack, British Columbia. 

On this episode, I share insights from remarkable speakers like Mark Groves, the mastermind behind Create the Love. We discuss the power of masterminding, the importance of preparing for and integrating such experiences, and the profound transformations that can occur when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open to new possibilities.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Transformative Moments: How intentional preparation and integration amplified the retreat’s impact on my life and business.
  • Masterminding Magic: The power of collective minds coming together to create new insights and breakthroughs.
  • Personal Reflections: My journey through abundance blocks, business growth, and the clarity that emerged from deep spiritual work.
  • Unforgettable Experiences: From stretching and breathwork to howling like wolves and meeting our spirit guides, the retreat was filled with unique and enriching activities.
  • Deepening Relationships: Insightful conversations on codependency and liberated love, facilitated by Mark Groves, offered a fresh perspective on relationships.

This episode is packed with heartfelt stories, deep reflections, and practical insights that I hope will inspire and uplift you. 🌈✨

Tune in now to Episode 158 and let’s continue this incredible endeavor of becoming more ourselves.

To learn more or join the soulful selling community that Dan and Alexander run on Skool you can do so HERE.


I’m so excited to share a very special episode of the Becoming More Me podcast with you! 🎧 In Episode 156, I have the pleasure of chatting with the incredible Petia Kolibova. Petia is an intuitive life and business coach who is passionate about helping women embody their fullest self-expression and embrace an abundance mindset. 🌸✨

In this episode, we dive deep into what it means to live unapologetically and how to unlock the divine feminine within. Petia shares her personal journey, including the profound impact of becoming a new mom and how it has shifted her approach to life and business to prioritize joy, gratitude, and, of course, abundance. 🙌💖

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

  • Petia’s insights on balancing motherhood with her passion for helping others.
  • Practical advice on tapping into your feminine energy and making life more pleasurable and fulfilling.
  • The importance of community and support in our journey to becoming more ourselves.

Whether you’re a longtime listener or new to the podcast, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their personal and professional life with greater abundance, intentionality and joy. 🥰

Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review if love this episode. Sharing your thoughts helps more people discover our community of growth and transformation!

Petia’s links:
IG: or
Magnetic Me meeting:


I am beyond excited to share our latest podcast episode with you – Episode 155: Clarity for Your ADHD Brain with the amazing Donae Cannon.

Donae and I go way back to when I was a guest on her podcast, ADHD Crash Course, and now I’m thrilled to have her on Becoming More Me. She’s an occupational therapist, a professionally trained coach, and a true expert in working with neurodivergent individuals. With over 20 years of experience, she brings so much wisdom, compassion, and humor to the table.

In this episode, we dive deep into our personal experiences with ADHD, both being diagnosed as adults and parenting kids with ADHD. We share our strategies for managing symptoms, enhancing executive functioning skills, and the importance of self-compassion. 💪✨

Here’s a little taste of what we discuss:

  • The beauty of seeing less and finding ways to simplify our busy brains.
  • Strategies to handle overwhelm and prioritize tasks effectively.
  • The power of humor and compassion in transforming our lives.
  • Donae’s unique insights on how to embrace our ADHD brains and thrive.

Whether you’re dealing with ADHD yourself or know someone who is, this episode is packed with actionable steps and heartfelt advice that you won’t want to miss! 💖


In my latest episode of Becoming More Me, I explore the challenges that often accompany travel anxiety and how I’m embracing new ways to overcome them. If I’m being honest, I’m always working on fine-tuning my approach to life’s hurdles. And also, once we do, there are usually NEW hurdles to deal with but that’s why Nervous System Regulation is SOOO important because when we regulate and expand our capacity for stress, we get to meet the new hurdles with a different nervous system that is ready to handle next-level sh*t! No joke! 

This podcast was created in the “soup” of preparing to travel to a retreat, hosted by Dan Harrison and Alexander Om who both have appeared on previous episodes of Becoming More me. Preparing to go brought forth a big rollercoaster mix of excitement and nerves as I pondered uncertainties like shared accommodations and unpredictable travel plans, as well as being away for Mother’s Day and trying “pack light” which I’m apparently not great at. 😉  

But, I was ready to lean into it all because I know that when we do the inner work, the real magic happens! And getting READY for the trip was just the tip of the inner work that happened while I was actually THERE (that’s for another episode for SURE!).

In this episode discover how embracing resistance and practicing self-awareness can shift your journey for the better. Your unique path towards becoming more you starts with giving yourself grace, tuning into your intuition, and allowing your true self to shine.

Keep striving to be more of who you’re meant to be in this world! You are enough, you are capable, and you are worthy. And if your inner critic says otherwise…well, you know where to find me and I’ve got your back. ❤️


Ready to rewrite the story on envy and comparison? 💪 Episode 153 of Becoming More Me is here, and I’ll show you how to turn those emotions into powerful allies for your success and change the narrative about comparison being the thief of Joy….you’re just doing it wrong! 😉 ✨

In this episode, we’ll explore how to embrace feelings we were taught to avoid and learn to leverage them in your favor.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Envy and Comparison: Find out how these so-called “negative” feelings can shine a light on your core values and goals.
  • Shifting Your Perspective: Learn a fresh approach to comparison that will empower you!
  • Actionable Growth Strategies: Transform comparison into concrete action steps to start crushing your goals!
  • Mindset Transformation: Harness EFT and other tools to overcome procrastination and resistance, turning envy into empowering fuel to manifest your dreams.

Don’t miss the chance to uncover the hidden potential in those moments of comparison. Keep following the guideposts on this journey, leading you to greater freedom and success! ✨


I’m super thrilled to share that we’ve just released a fantastic episode of “Becoming More Me” featuring the remarkable Dr. Jill Wener! Dr. Jill is not only a powerhouse in trauma-informed healing and EFT tapping, but she’s also a voice for social justice and anti-racism. This episode is a full of insights that you won’t want to miss! ❤️

We get personal with Dr. Jill as she shares about her life in Atlanta, her joys in yoga and traveling, and her journey from being a physician to a leading force in holistic wellness and racial equity.


Dr. Jill gives us an in-depth look into her work in anti-racism, providing easy-to-use tools for managing daily stresses and achieving significant life changes. It’s all about making those meaningful transformations we all strive for. 🌈

Don’t miss this episode if you’re ready to explore deep topics and acquire tools that can guide you in your journey of personal growth and societal impact.


In this episode, we get into the positive aspects of what it often means to be “selfish”, how I was conditioned to think about selfishness, and how redefining and rewiring our beliefs about it can profoundly impact our lives. 

We’ll talk about how setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care are not just acts of survival but things that help to regulate our nervous system and amplify our self-love and preservation. 🌺

Here’s a little sneak peek:

  • I share a personal revelation sparked by a song that helped me realize how much I’d already shifted around SELFISHNESS and recognize the fruits of my energetic and environmental shifts in life!
  • We discuss how embracing our needs can lead to a healthier, more balanced life.

This episode is for anyone who’s ever felt guilty about putting themselves first or struggled with the label or perceived judgement of being selfish. It’s time to transform that guilt into fuel for our awareness and personal growth. 

So, whether you’re taking a drive, enjoying a quiet evening, or just need a companion during your daily routines, let’s unravel the beauty of being intentionally selfish together.

Tune in now and let’s shift our perspectives towards a life filled with more joy, fulfillment, and authenticity.

Remember, it’s not just about being more—it’s about being more you. 💕


The habits that truly change us and make life feel better, easier and more fun (while making our dreams realities and accomplishing goals), may not be at all what you’d think….I’m excited to share something truly special in this week’s episode of the Becoming More Me podcast, where we explore the powerful impact of cultivating transformative habits.

In this episode, I am sharing my own journey of habit formation, sharing personal anecdotes and effective strategies that have helped shape a more joyful and efficient daily routine. Whether you’re looking to streamline your morning, enhance your productivity, or foster deeper connections with those around you, there’s something in this episode for you.

We’ll discuss:

  • The common resistances we face when forming new habits.
  • Practical tips for overcoming these hurdles.
  • Three transformative habits that have personally enriched my life and I guarantee, they’re not what you think! 

I truly believe that persistent, imperfect action leads to profound changes. So, whether you’re a seasoned listener or new to the podcast, this episode is designed to inspire and assist you in crafting a life that feels more aligned and vibrant.


Permission to be Your FULL self= Granted! I am thrilled to share this special interview with Gregg Berman today. With Gregg’s life experience and application of diverse modalities, he embodies the essence of growth and transformation that highlights deep connection with nature. Exclusive here in Becoming More Me podcast!

Gregg’s story centers around his own journey to be his full self and the way he helps others step into that authenticity as well. From his early days of seeking adventure and healing in the great outdoors to his current adventures leading forest bathing workshops, Gregg’s journey is both inspiring and relatable. 🏞️

But what truly sets this conversation apart are Gregg’s insights about reconnecting with the natural world and ourselves. 🌲 Gregg guides us through the essence of Shinrin-Yoku, sharing how it can transform our relationship with the environment, our communities, and our inner selves.

I hope you’ll accept this invitation to connect with the natural world in a new way that heals and rejuvenates, and to embrace the permission to explore and embrace your full, authentic self. 🦋


In Episode 148 of Becoming More Me, “Calmly Coping with High Functioning Anxiety with Tati Garcia,” we will take about the intricacies of high functioning anxiety. My guest, Tati, shares both her personal accounts and those of her clients and offers her expertise and insights into managing this often misunderstood condition. 🌿📚

We also get into a discussion of the external facade of success versus the internal struggle, emphasizing the importance of mindfulness, self-compassion, and understanding one’s emotional landscape. 

Tati introduces the critical pillars for overcoming high functioning anxiety: calm, balance, and confidence, providing listeners with practical tools for navigating their challenges. 🔥❤️

The conversation also covers the serious nature of burnout, advocating for reconnecting with our true selves to maintain wellness. Tati’s parting wisdom reminds us of the power of kindness towards oneself and the potential for change through small, consistent steps. 💖✨

This episode will be helpful for anyone looking to understand high functioning anxiety better and get on a functional path of healing.


In this episode of Becoming More Me, I’m joined by Karen Covy, a divorce coach, lawyer, and mediator with a mission to transform the divorce process into one that’s more heart-centered and empowering. Boy, do I wish I had known about people like her when I was going through MY divorce all those years ago…having her on my side would have been a gamechanger!

On this episode, Karen shares her journey from being a high-stakes trial lawyer to a guide helping individuals navigate divorce with clarity and compassion. She opens up about her unique approach to divorce, emphasizing making informed, confident decisions and minimizing conflict, expense, and emotional damage.

Our conversation took us into the power of making heart-centered decisions during divorce, the importance of aligning your head, heart, and gut, and the tools and strategies for those contemplating the significant decision to stay or leave. 

Karen’s wisdom shines a light on navigating divorce with integrity, starting your healing journey early, and crafting a new life that resonates with your true self.

This episode is a beacon for anyone facing the daunting path of divorce, offering hope, understanding, and a path to peace and empowerment. 

Join us as we talk about divorce, emphasizing healing, personal growth, and the potential for a brighter future. ✨❤️💖🥰😊


In today’s episode, I want to take you into the heart of manifestation. We’re going to explore how to turn our dreams into reality. 

After reconnecting with the teachings in Mike Dooley’s “Infinite Possibilities” recently, I felt a powerful urge to refresh my vision for the future. It was a clear sign from the universe that it was time to dream bigger and realign my desires.

One of the most touching manifestations that came to life was a beautiful reminder of my Aunt Margie. After her passing, I was desiring something special to remember her by and allowing it to come to me without any particular expectation of what it would be. And then, almost as if on cue, a unique offering presented itself through my talented cousin. On this weeks podcast episode, I’ll explain how this beautiful creation I received is such a perfect manifestation of love, connection and memory.

But the journey didn’t stop there… 

From attracting clients who deeply resonate with my mission to discovering a piece of art that echoed my birth timeline and current transformation goals, the universe has continued to affirm my path. These moments, both grand and subtle, remind us of the power of intention and the beauty of aligning with our true desires.

I hope these stories inspire you to listen to your heart and pursue your deepest desires with conviction. Remember, the process of becoming more you is the most exquisite journey you can embark on.


Welcome the dynamic duo, Michale and Reece Hartte, for an inspiring conversation that transcends the typical dialogue around health and fitness. Michale, a visionary in health and wellness, and Rheece, her equally insightful partner, share their journey from Canada to the vibrant landscapes of Playa Del Carmen, balancing life between nurturing their family and empowering clients through their unique health philosophies.

In the episode, Michale reveals her personal battles with eating disorders and osteoporosis. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience, showcasing how she transformed her challenges into opportunities for growth and healing.

Similarly, Reece’s narrative takes us back to his early fascination with health and the human body, charting his evolution from a skinny teenager into a well-respected figure in the wellness industry.

Together, Michale and Rheece unfold their Clean, Heal, Seal method—a revolutionary approach to health that goes beyond diet and exercise to address the roots of wellness, including detoxification and hormonal balance. Their stories of reversing aging, overcoming chronic health issues, and achieving an optimal state of health are both inspiring and instructional.

This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of health and happiness in midlife and beyond.

Michale and Rheece’s journey is a powerful reminder that true wellness encompasses mind, body, and spirit, and that with the right guidance, transformation is not just possible but inevitable.


A truly special episode of Becoming More Me that I believe will sprinkle a bit of real manifesting magic and momentum into your day.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with seasoned Manifestation Coach, Julia Martin, for an episode of Becoming More Me that honestly, I can’t stop thinking about. In fact, the day we recorded, I started re-reading Mike Dooley’s “Infinite Possibilities” again because it was calling me back to it SO strongly!

Julia, with her radiant spirit, shared her journey of self-discovery, manifestation, and the courage it takes to truly follow one’s heart. Sometimes, the universe has a bigger plan for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves.

After a successful 12-year tenure in Business Development at Google and Twitter, Julia felt compelled to share her profound understanding of manifestation with the world…and you won’t believe what she’s manifested NOW! It’s so big and making such and impact! 


This week, I’m sharing from the heart, some insights that I believe could transform the way you see motivation, community, and the power within you.

We’re going into the essence of what drives us forward: our internal fire, the beauty of overcoming self-doubt, and the incredible strength found in our collective experiences. It’s a reminder of how connected we truly are, and how sharing our individual stories can light the way for others. 🥰

Here’s what you can expect:

The Transformative Power of Healing Together: Discover how opening up about our challenges can lead to breakthroughs not just for ourselves, but for everyone listening. 🌱A Peek Inside the Becoming More Me Community: Learn about the super value-packed FREE coaching sessions on my Skool Community and how you can be a part of this nurturing and empowering environment. 💖The Philosophy of Just Starting: Whether it’s a podcast, a new project, or a dream you’ve been holding onto, hear why taking that first step is crucial and how it can lead to unforeseen growth and joy. 👣Embracing Giant Goals: Feel inspired to set and pursue those big, audacious 10x goals, and get a glimpse of the transformation that awaits when you align your actions with your desired future. 💪This episode is not just a podcast; it’s a heartfelt invitation to explore the depths of your motivation and to find the beauty in becoming more authentically you. It’s for anyone looking to reclaim their power, inner peace, intuition, and confidence to live their best and most value-aligned life without anxiety and overwhelm. 😊


In this week’s episode, you’ll get to know Ginny Priem. The challenges she faced that tested her resilience and courage when a romantic relationship went surpisingly wrong, ultimately led her to uncover her true purpose. 

Tune in to discover:

  • Ginny’s journey from corporate to coaching and speaking
  • How she overcame trauma and toxic relationships
  • The role of self-discovery and healing in her transformation
  • Insights into her coaching philosophy and approach
  • Tips for personal growth and living authentically

Don’t miss out on this inspiring conversation that’s sure to leave you feeling motivated and empowered to embark on your own journey of growth and self-discovery!


This is a special episode of Becoming More Me because this week’s episode gave me the honor of interviewing one of my coaching mentors, Dan Harrison. Episode 141 of Becoming More Me presents a unique dialogue with the visionary behind the Soulful Sales Company. This isn’t just an episode; it’s really more of a voyage into the core of authenticity, ancestry, the avant-garde world of AI, and the mystical realms of Ayahuasca. And, yes, it all ties into business and sales!

Dan’s narrative is a beautiful example of resilience, showcasing his ascent from the depths of financial despair to becoming a luminary in the realms of finance and sales coaching. Yet, it’s his odyssey through the spiritual landscapes and how they intersect with the digital age that I love and think will really captivate you, too!

This episode really emphasizes the power of staying true to oneself, exploring one’s roots, and how technology like AI isn’t just a tool but a gateway to future possibilities. And, whether plant medicine is your thing or not, Dan’s transformative Ayahuasca journey offers a rare glimpse into experiences that can radically alter our personal and professional lives.

Would love to hear your feedback on this episode and, if you love it, I would be grateful for your review on Apple or Spotify! Thanks!


I’m excited to introduce you to Alexander Om this week. Alexander, a coach of consciousness and business, is a storyteller, community leader, and expert in soulful sales. With over a decade of experience, he’s impacted 500+ entrepreneurs through coaching and epic retreats. As a writer, photographer, and speaker, Alexander empowers others to embrace their purpose and create miracles in their lives and businesses.

In the episode, Alexander shares personal aspects of his journey, including his experience with grief and loss from a young age, and how he found healing through ceremonial practices and spiritual awakening. His commitment to building a strong, intimate community and living in alignment with his values shines through in so many places in his life and business.

Here are some highlights you’ll want to take in for sure: 

At 2:27, Alexander shares his journey, navigating grief and finding healing through spirituality and community.

At 11:19, Alexander and I discuss rewiring neurons through art and fun, emphasizing creativity and discomfort for growth.

Moving to 15:31, we dip into consciousness, personality, and emotional awareness in entrepreneurship.

At 20:04, Alexander stresses the importance of daily consciousness practices for personal growth and success.

Transitioning to 35:05, we highlight the role of “heartset” in business coaching, 

and at 38:57, Alexander shares strategies for leveraging local connections for business growth. (THIS IS HUGE if you’re looking to grow your business this year!)

As we reach 48:36, we discuss building sustainable online businesses focused on impact and freedom. 

Connect with Alexander for more on soul purpose and mission HERE


This week, I’m talking with Eileen Marder-Mirman, and dipping into the realms of trauma, spirituality and recovery as we explore her memoir, “How I think I should be is BS” and work.

Eileen is a dynamic New Yorker who embraces life with a passion for healing, teaching, and the arts. Living in the city with her husband, two cats, and a penchant for knitting, Eileen ensures she sees her grandson weekly. Despite occasional colds from daycare adventures, her greatest joy is family.

Eileen is a beacon for women tired of societal expectations. Her story resonates with those seeking to be both powerful professionals and authentic individuals. She invites women to question norms, escape society’s standards, and embrace self-discovery. Join us in the conversation and stop the “BS” in your own life.

Highlights of the episode:

1:22 – Healing Journey and Confronting Emotions:
Eileen shares her unique healing journey through her memoir, and components of hatred, loss, and grief.

5:56 – Energy Healing and Psychotherapy:
Eileen talks about how these modalities have woven into her life and career. She had an early interest in psychotherapy and has been practicing meditation for over 50 years!

12:05 – Personal Growth, Healing, and Relationships:
Eileen highlights the importance of community support in the spiritual path and emphasizes self-reflection, responsibility for emotions, and prioritizing well-being.

17:42 – Miscarriage, Grief, and Holistic Healing:
Eileen shares her own stories as well as coping strategies for miscarriages, including therapy, art, and energy healing.

24:32 – Healing Modalities and Self-Forgiveness with Eileen Marder-Mirman:
Eileen shares her transformative journey through various healing modalities, emphasizing self-forgiveness and the importance of finding the right therapist.

Join me and Eileen for profound insights, personal stories, and practical advice.

Plus, In the episode, Eileen shares how any of my listeners can get a free copy of her book! Such a generous gift!

Eileen’s website, you can also order the book here:


Join me for Episode 138 of the Becoming More Me podcast, where I engage in what I truly feel was a very fascinating conversation with Nick Fransen, the founder of Privia Naturals.

In this episode, we’re having conversations never had on this show before about homeopathy and it’s ability to change how you think! 

Nick provides many awesome examples of how these treatments have helped him, his family, and his clients tremendously and shares his deeply personal odyssey, recounting the pivotal moment when his son was diagnosed with autism—a turning point that led him away from the pharmaceutical industry and towards the unexplored realms of alternative therapies.

Here’s the highlights of the episode

  • 2:32 Explore Nick’s journey from a pharmaceutical job to the world of natural products and modalities, a story largely guided by his desire to give his autistic son the best life possible. 
  • 5:39 Let’s talk alternative therapies. In Nick’s worldwide journey for answers, cures and helpful treatments, he uncovered many different options and philosophies, including stem cells, homeopathy, and shark cells. 
  • 9:22 The Evolution of Homeopathic remedies and clinical studies about them
  • 12:00 How does Homeopathy work? Why are diluted essences of things so powerful?
  • 19:39 Subconscious patterns and homeopathic remedies: Learn about the benefits of using homeopathic remedies for subconscious mind work, including faster recovery and progress in therapy.
  • 25:47 Subconscious blocks and their impact on relationships: Explore the impact of subconscious beliefs on mental health and the use of homeopathic remedies to address inherited trauma.
  • 31:20 Homeopathy and Horses: A story that illustrates the universal effectiveness of these treatments
  • 36:24 Using homeopathic remedies for anxiety and emotional healing: Witness a personal transformation as Nick shares his shift from an external religious belief system to an internal, faith-based relationship.

And STAY TUNED…I just started my 3 month trial of these Homeopathic Remedies and, if I love them as much as I think I might, I will begin using them with my 1:1 clients in the near future! This is exciting, guys! 

Yours in transformation and integration


This episode is a lot like having a business chat or virtual coffee chat with me  discussing current goals, projects, systems, (only I’m definitely missing “your side” of the convo so please fill me in on what you’re working on for Q1 and I’ll be excited to root for you!) Whether you’re also a coach or you’re somebody trying to understand how subconscious mind Work and nervous system regulation can help you with your goals, this episode will be a major eye-opener. and of course, it’s all delivered in my true ADHD fashion because I hope that delivering this information in this gritty and unpolished way will help other ADHD entrepreneurial moms to understand that it’s possible for them, too.

Highlights of the episode:

  1. Business Growth and Prioritization (2:39): Reorganizing   my coaching with a focus on feelings before outcomes and creating new offerings that excite me and my clients.
  2. Using AI for Efficiency (8:42): making relationship building easier and faster without losing the personal touch. Introducing you to the AI Bot that I’m building!
  3. Community Building (14:02): how I’m combining service with community building in my most affordable offering yet!  
  4. Marketing Strategies (17:20): How I’m revamping Instagram and some things I’m considering and wanting your feedback on!
  5. Simplifying Business (22:52): how  my new referral partner program is  connecting me with aligned clients efficiently and might be a good addition to your biz, too!
  6. Entrepreneurship & Accountability (27:44):Theresa discusses ADHD’s impact, frustration with paid ads, and the importance of accountability, good systems, and positive energy with all of your aspirations!

In this episode of Becoming More Me, I’m talking with Tasha Blank, a celebrated international DJ, somatic practitioner, and founder of the powerhouse DJ school. I had the pleasure of her being my client and completing the Becoming More Me Signature Program in 2023 and she shares some awesome stories of transformation on this episode! 

Tasha’s creative prowess extends beyond turntables, encompassing a global dance party, Body Lvnguage (not a typo!), which redefines nightlife with its raucous, sexy presence and a culture of respect. Tasha brings a beat that goes deep at legendary New York City clubs as well as iconic festivals like Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle. She is also the driving force behind the powerhouse DJ school, a Leadership Academy shaping a new breed of DJs through artistry, creative discipline, and the body-mind connection.

Tasha shares her evolution in dance, emphasizing the role of somatic practices and the importance of nervous system regulation. 

The conversation weaves in and out of Dance, Music, EFT Tapping, Transformative Portals, Conscious Leadership, Hypnotherapy, as well as personal and familial healing.

Tasha reveals her powerful experience using EFT and subconscious mindwork and discusses her therapeutic DJing approach. Come dance it out with us and go deeper into trusting your body and integrating healing practices into daily life.


Today I’m introducing Karen McMahon, who I’ve come to know as a friend and colleague. Karen is a Certified Relationship and Divorce Coach, and the visionary Founder of Journey Beyond Divorce. Inspired by her transformative journey after a painful divorce, Karen leads a national team of coaches, empowering men and women worldwide to navigate divorce with calm, clarity, and confidence. As the host of the acclaimed Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast, co-author of ‘Stepping out of Chaos: Turning Pain to Possibility,’ and creator of the Accelerated Divorce Recovery Program, Karen is dedicated to helping individuals not only heal but also grow through their divorce journey.

In this empowering episode, we explore the intricacies of navigating divorce decisions and conquering fear with resilience and strength. Our discussion ponders the interplay of divorce, intuition, and personal growth, shedding light on the transformative process of mending and concluding marriages.

Discover the importance of personal development and self-awareness in the healing journey, and learn practical strategies for calming, clearing, and regaining confidence amidst the turbulence of divorce or the end of a long-term relationship.

Join us as we offer compassionate guidance on finding solace and fortitude during one of life’s most challenging transitions. 


Welcome to this empowering episode where we sit down with Lori Oberbroeckling—a powerhouse with a myriad of roles including being a dedicated wife, mother of four, author, photographer, and corporate leader. But Lori is more than just her titles; she’s on a mission to empower moms seeking excellence both at home and in their careers.

In a world where the myth of “doing it all” prevails, Lori debunks this notion, extending a supportive hand to those grappling with mom guilt or feeling overwhelmed.

Learn Lori’s expert strategies for achieving a fulfilling career while excelling as a mother. Dive into productivity tips, effective energy management, and the transformative power of mindset. Whether you’re a seasoned mom or soon-to-be mother, gain inspiration and practical guidance for a balanced and fulfilling life.


In this episode, we’ll explore the challenges of navigating societal pressure to kickstart 2024 with high energy and look to understanding personal cycles, and the transformative power of subconscious mind work as a different way of moving through this season. I open up about personal stories, shifts in gears, and the guilt associated with taking breaks.

Join me as I touch upon David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness and the delicate differences between desire and fear. I’ll share challenges in my relationships, and reflect on patterns of self-sabotage and resistance to expansion.

Exciting plans for 2024, including a revamped “Becoming More Me” program and a free book club, will be unveiled, too!

Tune in and embrace the transformative energy of the upcoming year with me!


In this episode, Teresa Shantz, Author and Spiritual Enthusiast, shares her personal experiences and insights from her recent travels to Australia and the profound connection between being tuned into the “unseen” gifts of Spirit and manifesting your heart’s desires through the lens of her new book. 

Teresa’s unique perspective on energy healing, spirituality, and self-care unfolds as she discusses the importance of soul quakes, energy cleansing, and the art of slowing down in our fast-paced lives. 

Learn how to open your mind and heart to attract and follow through with your own desires, as Teresa guides you through the steps outlined in her latest bestseller, “The Soul Quake Survival Guide.”


Ruthie is joining us to share her journey and invaluable strategies for business growth. From tackling social media burnout to addressing the challenges of multitasking in entrepreneurship, this episode is a goldmine of insights for both seasoned entrepreneurs and newcomers…Plus, she’s going to blow your mind teaching you about the “nine grid”! Ruthie gets into the space where content creation and email marketing meets AI, revealing how technology can propel your business to success in today’s digital age.

This conversation goes beyond business strategies, offering a blend of personal growth and social media strategy. Whether you’re looking to refine your marketing game or embark on a new business journey without unnecessary overwhelm, this episode has something for you.


In this captivating journey, we blend the excitement of my Becoming More Me book launch, the warmth of family celebrations, and the transformative power of adventure and milestones! 

Picture a majestic sunrise hike along the cliff’s edge up to the highest point in the area and then even higher into Skytop tower…It was beyond amazing and also, I was sure glad I had the power of EFT to help me subdue my fear of heights which, for whatever reason, was highly activated on that hike. 

Come along on this adventure as we explore scenic trails, eat delicious food, go crystal shopping, and indulge in a luxurious resort stay that seamlessly combines history, pampering, and breathtaking views! 

This episode is not just about travel;

It’s a celebration of family bonds and personal growth. Join me as I share about the thrill (and exhaustion!) of my new book becoming an international bestseller and the joy of embracing collective triumphs. 

Whether you’re a travel enthusiast, a book lover, or simply seeking inspiration, this episode promises to uplift your spirits and fill you with ideas for your next adventure or milestone celebration!


I am thrilled to share this episode featuring Morgan Adams, a holistic sleep coach who is on a mission to empower women to conquer sleepless nights without relying on medications. 

Morgan brings a unique perspective as a two-time breast cancer survivor, advocating for a holistic lifestyle rooted in disease prevention. She shares her powerful sleep toolkit to enhance sleep quality and rekindle our relationship with rest for less stressful and more fulfilling days.

Join us as we unveil keys to BETTER sleep. 

Explore the scientifically proven impact of natural light, consistent wake-up times, and exercise on sleep quality and brain health. Discover practical strategies for common sleep issues, geek out on tech and products designed for better sleep, and leverage simple data and habits for greater rest and rejuvenation 



In this episode I am featuring a remarkable 67-year-old fashion industry expert, Kim Duff Selby

Join us as we talk about the timeless themes of gratitude, self-esteem, and personal growth, exploring how to maintain that inner spark throughout the journey of aging. Discover the transformative power of creativity coaching, learn about Thanksgiving traditions and diverse food preferences, and gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in acting and modeling.

Kim also shares thoughts on intuition, and the importance of community and connection in fostering a fulfilling life. This episode is a captivating blend of wisdom and style, celebrating the intersection of experience and personal growth.


In this episode, we’re joined by the remarkable Dr. Sara Smith—Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Yoga Practitioner, and Intuitive Transformational Coach. With over 20 years of expertise, Dr. Sara explores the profound connection between pelvic health, confidence, and inner wisdom.

Join us as we delve into topics like pelvic floor therapy’s impact on high-achieving women’s lives and business success, the intersection of pelvic health and intuition, and the transformative power of connecting with your body.

Dr. Sara’s practical, nurturing approach, infused with humor, invites you to turn personal challenges into opportunities for growth and change. Tune in for a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and unlocking the secrets to a more confident and fulfilled life with Dr. Sara Smith on Becoming More Me Podcast.

Dr. Sara Smith’s Links:
Insight Timer:


This week, my book launched and topped the new release charts internationally …Absolutely Surreal! I recorded this right after I woke up on the day after the book launched so you could get the real vibe! This episode is jam-packed with coaching and also gives you a sneak peek into the Free 8-week coaching program I designed as a resource to accompany the book as you read it! As you listen to this podcast episode, you’ll actually be consuming the bonus Week 9 training!! How cool is that!? Get ready to hear snippets of the book, examine your own intentions, and go head to head with resistance that may currently be keeping you separate from your intended outcomes. Let’s Get Present so we can manifest some BIG Goals– Together!


In this episode, we tackle the world of ADHD planning and goal achievement, offering a treasure trove of bonus resources to enhance your journey. We kick things off with the exciting launch of an audiobook brimming with bonus content, tailor-made to supercharge your ADHD planning efforts.

We also explore unconventional but effective techniques such as EFT tapping and hypnosis for overcoming ADHD-related challenges in time management. Then, we dive into the digital realm, where we discuss the power of using a digital planner alongside traditional methods, catering to both tech-savvy individuals and those seeking to elevate their organization and time management skills. Our experts provide invaluable insights into using digital planners specifically for ADHD organization. To top it all off, we delve into the realms of self-awareness and personal growth, examining how these concepts apply to the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs and parents dealing with ADHD.

This episode promises to transform your approach to ADHD planning and personal development while offering exclusive book launch bonuses to help you level up your planning game.

Listen to Episode 81 of Becoming More Me HERE


In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing Victoria Gallagher, a true luminary in the world of hypnotherapy, a bestselling author, and a leading authority on the Law of Attraction. 🌟 We dove into some fascinating topics that align perfectly with our mission to help you reclaim your power, inner peace, and confidence. We started by exploring personal growth, self-help, and career transitions, delving into the incredible mindset techniques that can supercharge your journey. Victoria shared her profound insights on how the Law of Attraction and hypnotherapy can be your secret weapons for success. And we even discussed what the law of attraction is like from a cat’s perspective—yes, you read that right!

Later on, Victoria provided invaluable advice on book writing and publishing, drawing from her wealth of experience as an author. We also delved into the world of audiobook creation and its powerful role in learning and recall (31:08). The episode culminated with exploration about how you can manifest success through the incredible power of your mind. ✨

So, join us on this enlightening journey as we uncover the transformative potential of the Law of Attraction and the power of your mind. 💪🌸

Victoria’s Links:


In this episode, I delve into the complex emotions of life, celebrating my son’s upcoming 10th birthday while also navigating the recent loss of my aunt. I share how being present for my family during her passing impacted me profoundly.
I reflect on the power of opening up about loss, recommending a thought-provoking Audible program that delves into the intricacies of death and the need for conversations around it. As I approach the launch of my book and the new “Becoming More Me” signature program, I express my gratitude and excitement for the journey ahead. This episode is a heartfelt exploration of life’s highs and lows, highlighting the importance of connecting through our shared experiences. 

In this episode I’m taking you behind the scenes at the recording studio  and sharing what it was like to create the audiobook version of BECOMING MORE ME: Tapping into Success– Subconscious Secrets of an ADHD Entrepreneurial Mom. From how I chose the studio, how I planned for my time there and what it was like to record the book, I’m sharing all of my accumulated knowledge, tips and wacky tricks that I gained through the process in case they help you should you ever wish to record something! Either way, it’s a fun part of the process of creating this book and something I think that anyone who listens to the audible version will appreciate having a better understanding of. Thanks for listening!


In this episode, I’m chatting with Sarah Dalton, the founder of Your Simply Big Life! Sarah empowers women to conquer overwhelm and seize control of their days.   

She’s dedicated to aiding ambitious moms in time management and energy optimization, enabling them to pursue their dreams, be there for their families, and flourish in all life’s stages. She does this by helping them clarify priorities, establish intentional routines, maintain focus on essentials, and align with their core values. 

We will explore the importance of family, hobbies, and even a dash of healthy competitiveness. We’ll share insights on how to overcome overwhelm and strike that delicate balance in motherhood.

As we journey deeper into the conversation, we’ll uncover the secrets to embracing both peace and productivity for the modern-day superwoman. We’ll delve into energy management and how it plays a pivotal role in boosting productivity, grounded in our core values. 

Stay tuned for practical advice on using planners and the energy of the seasons! 

Finally, we’ll explore th

In this episode, we will explore the delicate balance between personal development and business growth, and how harnessing the power of your mindset can be a game-changer.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

  • Insights on how personal development coaching can drive your business to new heights.
  • Global statistics on the undeniable impact of personal growth on success.
  • Practical strategies for entrepreneurs with ADHD to boost productivity and achieve their goals.

Join me for this insightful conversation that will empower you to reclaim your power, inner peace, intuition, and confidence on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

I had the pleasure of hosting Kat HoSoo Lee, a remarkable spiritual business mentor. Kat is on a mission to guide entrepreneurs like you in building businesses that not only thrive but also harmonize with the natural world. She’s an advocate for conscious marketing and dives deep into the energetic realm of money.

In this episode, Kat and I explore a wide range of profound topics, from the dynamics of business evolution to the essence of personal growth. We delve into the power of unwavering commitment, rebranding with authenticity, and transforming toxic marketing tactics while healing inner wounds.

But that’s not all!

We also journey through the spiritual dimensions of business cycles, the importance of embracing body wisdom in both business and life, and the impact of nervous system regulation on your overall well-being. Kat even shares practical tools for healing and touches on the facets of perfectionism in marketing and its interplay with personal growth.

This enlightening conversation transcends conventional business paradigms and invites you to tap into the profound synergy between entrepreneurship and spirituality. Click here to listen!


In this episode, I’m chatting with Sarah Dalton, the founder of Your Simply Big Life! Sarah empowers women to conquer overwhelm and seize control of their days.   

She’s dedicated to aiding ambitious moms in time management and energy optimization, enabling them to pursue their dreams, be there for their families, and flourish in all life’s stages. She does this by helping them clarify priorities, establish intentional routines, maintain focus on essentials, and align with their core values. 

We will explore the importance of family, hobbies, and even a dash of healthy competitiveness. We’ll share insights on how to overcome overwhelm and strike that delicate balance in motherhood.

As we journey deeper into the conversation, we’ll uncover the secrets to embracing both peace and productivity for the modern-day superwoman. We’ll delve into energy management and how it plays a pivotal role in boosting productivity, grounded in our core values. 

Stay tuned for practical advice on using planners and the energy of the seasons! 

Finally, we’ll explore the elusive flow state, unravel the mysteries of productivity, and share some time management gems. This is a helluva episode! 

In this captivating episode of Becoming More Me, we embark on a dynamic journey through travel, yoga, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. We explore favorite travel destinations and the transformative power of exploration, dive into yoga’s path to inner peace and well-being, and discuss the challenges and rewards of being a business owner versus a freelancer.

We also offer actionable coaching strategies for personal and professional development, insights into the importance of network marketing, and the transformative experience of moving to Costa Rica. The episode wraps up with valuable tips for aspiring authors and a profound nugget of wisdom: “Do the opposite to the thing that makes the biggest difference.” Tune in to this episode for inspiring stories and practical advice that will leave you ready to embark on your own journey of transformation.


It’s that time again… Everybody’s getting back to school and this mama is getting into launch mode for becoming more my book! In this episode, I’m gonna talk about getting my son off to college. It was surreal! I’ll also share about getting the younger ones off to school and how the book writing process is coming along. I’ve got some amazing client testimonials to share and some awesome information to share with you about my new Becoming More Me Hybrid Program! Finally, I’m gonna lay out for you how to join me in my new free community and access amazing workshops and trainings related to the Becoming More Me Book Launch that I will be hosting prior to the launch! There will be advance sneak peeks, readings and so much more! Thanks for your support and excitement as we get closer to launch date!

You can join the Becoming More Me Community HERE

And it you’re thinking it’s time to look into the Becoming More Me Signature program, let’s see how it could change your life personally HERE

In this enlightening episode, we’re thrilled to welcome Whitney Walker, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a unique specialization in addiction, eating disorders, trauma, and spirituality. Whitney’s approach is deeply spiritual, emphasizing the return of the Divine Feminine and the shift from fear to love. 

Her vision, encapsulated in Women Waken, encourages individuals to break free from self-destructive patterns and embrace unconditional self-love and acceptance.

During our discussion, we explore various topics, including strategies for healing from trauma, and the profound importance of cultivating self-love. We also reflect on life as an infinite journey, the soothing power of kindness, and the essential balance between kindness and truth. 

Whitney’s insights and her Women Waken philosophy will inspire and empower you on your journey toward holistic wellness and abundant self-love.

IG: @womenwaken


In this episode, we had the privilege of hosting the brilliant Dr. Jannine Krause, a seasoned acupuncturist, naturopathic doctor, and the dynamic host of The Health Fix Podcast.

Dr. Jannine is on a captivating mission to guide women over 35 towards unlocking boundless energy, reigniting their metabolism, and maintaining harmonious hormone levels.

With an unshakable belief that age is but a number, she unveils her groundbreaking Defy Aging Formula, empowering women to unveil their optimal health by unraveling the factors that accelerate the aging process.

Tune in as we dive into a captivating conversation with Dr. Jannine Krause, where we explore a myriad of health-enhancing topics. From deciphering the art of hormone balance within the body to uncovering the pivotal roles of mitochondria and circulation, you’ll gain invaluable insights into fostering overall well-being.

Discover the secrets behind fat accumulation, surprising ways acupuncture can address issues like erectile dysfunction, and a comprehensive understanding of fatigue and its underlying causes.

Dr. Jannine even reveals the unexpected benefits of afternoon rest for liver health and sheds light on the enlightening Dutch Test, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of holistic health.

Join us as we delve into the episode to unravel the mystery of healing timeframes and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier and more vibrant you.

Dr. Krause’s links:
Health Fix podcast:

Episode 114 contains exciting updates about the writing of the Becoming More Me book which is due out this fall!  In this episode, I get gritty about the vulnerability of sharing personal stories and share some insights from our recent summer vacations. 
If you’ve been wanting to visit South Florida, the Florida Keys or Cape Cod, I have lots of suggestions and stories for you!
While on  these vacations, I had the chance to reflect on the book writing process and discuss the challenges and triumphs that come with it. The manuscript is coming along nicely, and I am thrilled to announce that we have set a launch date for the book in late October! 
If you’re as excited about the book launch as I am, simply email [email protected] with your name and the words  “Launch Team” in the subject line and my team will make sure you get all the details about the launch as well as access to exclusive events and goodies reserved for those who purchase it! 

I hope you enjoy this book update and travel log of how we’ve been spending our summer as a crazy family of 6! 


On this week’s episode, I’m talking with Molly Cahill, a former medical saleswoman who transformed her life after witnessing the shortcomings of conventional medicine. Now, as an Instagram and email marketing coach, she helps alternative health practitioners reach more people and make a bigger impact and I love her style!

On Episode 113, Molly shares her background in social media marketing and offers valuable insights on how to overcome the fear of content marketing. She also discusses ways to make social media easier for you, including tips on accounts to follow or unfollow.

Additionally, Molly dives into the concept of being a minimalist in content production and provides step-by-step guidance for creation. She emphasizes the importance of taking breaks to maintain productivity and overall well-being. I couldn’t agree more!

If you’re looking to enhance your social media marketing skills, get over your fear of pressing “post”,  and gain valuable knowledge on IG Reels, posts, and more, this episode is a must-listen. As always, you know we’ll go deeper that all that, too! You can count on it!

Holistic Marketing Roadmap Private Audio Training: Use code: THERESA, to get it for free

In this episode, we embark on a deeply personal and inspiring journey with Meredith as she shares her path to healing and creativity. Meredith takes us through the challenges of living with endometriosis and how it impacted her health. She recounts her childhood passion for creative processes and how it played a significant role in her healing journey.

Join us as we delve into Meredith’s incredible story of healing, creativity, and resilience in the face of adversity. Whether you’re dealing with endometriosis, seeking creative inspiration, or on a path of self-discovery, this episode offers valuable insights and uplifting anecdotes to light your way.

Meridith’s Links:

All art + teaching + photo services:
photo portfolio:
Quick & relevant links:
Order a signed copy of Face Your Shit, Heal Yourself Augmented Reality (AR) interactive book:


Last week we aired the first part of this 2 part series which talked about Lindsey’s dark night of the soul and related issues and great advice for others facing similar challenges. In this weeks portion of the interview, we’re tackling the Importance of regulating the Nervous system and how to do it. If you’re not already familiar with Lindsey or her work, I highly recommend binging on both episodes!

In Episode 111, we delve deeper into the concept of elevated consciousness and awareness and invaluable insights on expanding the capacity of stress our stress bucket as a way to become even more resilient. We also talk about the struggles that coaches like ourselves face as we navigate our humanness and boundaries while helping others.

One of my favorite side conversations we have during this episode is all about cold plunges. Lindsey lives near very cold water and actually provides a whole free guide that you can get when you listen to the episode that will help you learn to cold plunge safely and effectively, too! I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m still a bit scared of cold plunging however it is something I really want to learn to embrace as a way of regulating my nervous system even more!

I encourage you to give it Episode 110 and 111 of Becoming More Me a listen and discover the transformative power of understanding and caring for your nervous system.

I can’t wait to read your review or respond to your emails about these episodes! 

Lindsey’s Links:
IG: or @iamlindseylockett

In this episode, Nervous System Expert, Lindsey Lockett, delves into her personal journey through her own dark night of the soul and provided practical advice for getting through challenging times. Lindsey opened up about her own experiences with the psych ward as well as with psychiatric medications and what she has to share might surprise and enlighten you more than you’d expect. She went into great depth, highlighting the importance of understanding the nervous system as you navigate medication, especially weaning off of certain meds like Benzos.

***I cannot stress enough that you should ALWAYS consult with a medical professional about these things and Lindsey’s advice is no substitute for proper medical advice but it will definitely help guide to ask better questions and advocate for yourself.***

Tune in for these and many other insights on Episode 110 of Becoming More Me.

Lindsey’s Links:
IG: or @iamlindseylockett


Join us for an enlightening journey as we delve into the captivating story of Katie DePaola Silverman, an extraordinary entrepreneur, author, and wellness advocate. In this empowering podcast, we explore Katie’s transformative experiences and the birth of her remarkable business, Inner Glow Circle.

In our conversations, Katie shares her inspiring path as an entrepreneur, revealing the struggles and triumphs she encountered along the way. Unveiling the behind-the-scenes of her entrepreneurial journey, she invites us to witness the moments that sparked her creativity, ignited her passions, and propelled her to establish Inner Glow Circle—an empowering community dedicated to helping women unleash their inner potential.

As we dive deeper, we unravel the intricate tapestry of Katie’s writing process and the inspiration behind her illuminating book. We gain invaluable insights into the power of storytelling, as Katie shares her profound journey of battling Lyme disease and ultimately overcoming it. Discover how she harnessed her experiences to create a guide that resonates with readers, encouraging them to find their own inner glow amidst life’s challenges.

Throughout the podcast, Katie guides us through her personal journey of healing, resilience, and growth. She shares her transformative strategies, nurturing practices, and the mindset shifts that enabled her to radiate with strength and vitality. We explore how Katie’s unique perspective on life and wellness has become a guiding light for others seeking their own paths to self-discovery and well-being.

Katie’s Links:

Inner Glow Circle: @innerglowcircle
Personal IG: @itskatiedepaola

Here’s an update on how things are going with writing the becoming more me book. In this episode, I will let you in on the obstacles and challenges I’m facing and the ways I’m approaching them through the lens of pleasure. From visibility blocks to trying to write with the kids home for summer break, I’m identifying the issues and knocking them out as they hit me and using the same methods I’m writing about in the book. Kind of crazy to think that without these techniques and methods, I wouldn’t likely be able to get this sucker to the point of being publishable….we’re not there yet. But we’re gonna be! For any of you trying to write a book with ADHD, Recovering Perfectionism, High Functioning Anxiety, an Already Robust life as a mom, wife and professional, this oughta help you gain some perspective!

If you haven’t already downloaded the private sessions resource, grab it here!


I wanted to share some exciting news with you—my latest podcast episode features special guest, Emily Reuschel, and we had a really insightful conversation that I know you’ll find value in listening to!

In this episode, Emily and I delved into the importance of asking the hard questions in life.

 We explored the pressures that come with living in a small town and how they can impact personal growth as well as how to better nourish and nurture your purpose as you break through stereotypes.

Emily also shared her wisdom on the concepts of self-care, love and compassion. Her perspective on building healthy habits emphasizing progress over perfection and she has awesome habit coaching ideas for women.

Emily Reuschel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. She’s thought-provoking and inspiring, and I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to engage in this meaningful conversation with her.

Emily’s links:
IG: @emilyreuschel
Download YouDoYou82 Workbook and Habit Tracker:
Gather in Growth Podcast:

Jen Szpigiel, a renowned entrepreneur, mentor, and mom extraordinaire, shares her profound insights and personal experiences on how she has managed to create harmony between her life as a mom and her entrepreneurial pursuits. Through her unique perspective, she sheds light on the concept of “mompreneurship,” where women find their own path to success by nurturing their businesses while cherishing their role as a mother.

Throughout the episode, you’ll discover the power of gratitude in fueling success and the profound impact it has had on Jen’s journey. She delves into the importance of staying true to oneself and selling with soul, emphasizing the significance of connecting with others on a deeper level. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a devoted parent, or simply seeking inspiration, this episode will leave you feeling empowered to embrace your own unique journey and create an iconic life.

Tune in to this engaging conversation as Jen Szpigiel uncover the secrets to finding balance, embracing gratitude, and selling with authenticity. Together, they navigate the uncharted territories of entrepreneurship and motherhood, revealing practical strategies and invaluable insights that will empower listeners to pursue their passions while fostering harmony in their own lives.

You can find Jen here:


In this episode, we delve into some fascinating topics such as the power of belief and what rocket science really entails. Dr. Carter shares her journey into space exploration and her passion for running, which has been an integral part of her life.

As a scientist and now a marathon runner, Dr. Carter offers valuable insights and lessons that are applicable to anyone looking to achieve their goals in any field. Her unique perspective on the intersection of science and art is truly inspiring.

Press play and enjoy this fun conversation about science, perseverance, belief systems, and personal development.

Don’t miss this Episode Celebrating the 2 Year Anniversary of the Becoming More Me Podcast!

As a special way of Celebrating, I have TWO big Announcements in Store Today and there is something for everyone. From our New Community that is now open to VIP Early Access to the Newest Becoming More Me Program launching …NOW….there is so much thanks, gratitude, stories and reflection about how we’ve made it to this milestone and where we’re headed! Don’t miss it!

For those of you interested in the new program, please visit to book an insight call and learn more!

And for those of you who want to check out our new FREE Community, please head over to and join us! 


This week, I’m chatting with intuition and empowerment coach, Jadi Kindred.

As part of our conversation, we’ll talk about her most recent book, Intuitive Business Connections: Grow a business from zero to six figures in an intuitive way.

She reveals her trials and tribulations of growing a company from zero to six figures as a young entrepreneur and shares what helped her to succeed year after year.

​In 2019, she was a finalist for the ARISTA provincial contest by the Young Chamber of Commerce in Montréal.

She was also one of 40 entrepreneurs chosen to represent Canada at the G20 (Young Entrepreneur’s Alliance) as a Canadian Delegate in 2019 & 2020, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

She is from Saskatchewan, but in 2008 moved with only two suitcases to Quebec, Canada, where she began her new life and journey of entrepreneurship.

Jadi is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and business professionals live more intuitively and authentically while enjoying a balanced, joyful life and during this episode she shares some fun and intimate ways she is supporting people in doing just that!


Meet Lois Hollis who is here to help shift our opinion on the taboo subjects of shame and guilt. 

She is a shame guilt educator, counselor, filmmaker, and author. Lois has always been a trailblazer as she helped develop one of the first Kidney Hemodialysis Units in the USA at Thomas Jefferson University in 1966.

Today she not only shows us why shame guilt has led us to believe we are victims incapable of stellar lives but also HOW to make friends with our inner critic and kick shame guilt out of our lives.

Lois was on the verge of dying at age 55 and today, at 79, she rollerblades with her grandson because she has been able to heal so greatly from the shame guilt of an abusive childhood.

Lois was scarred with brain traumas, broken jaws, heart & liver illnesses and suffered 30 years of migraine headaches.

Her impactful story shows us the immense power we reclaim when we release the shame guilt from our inner self.

Lois has lectured widely, including the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and has been featured on podcast interviews in 15 countries. Her books, spirit readings, and films that make shame guilt visible, will teach us how and why we need to know the trickery of the shame guilt energy so we can accomplish our dreams.

Where to find Lois:


This week I’m talking to Genevieve Piturro, an accomplished Best Selling & 5X Award-winning Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Founder of Pajama Program. 

She believes in the power of purpose and the human connection, which led her to leave her successful career as a television marketing executive to start a national non-profit organization. 

Her organization, Pajama Program, has delivered over 7 million new pajamas and books to children in need through its 42 chapters across the United States.

Her book, “Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection and Lead with Meaning,” shares her life and leadership lessons through her Pajama Program journey. 

It is an Amazon best-seller and the winner of five awards. 

She has also been a speaker on TEDx and her talk, “1 Idea + The Human Connection = 7 Million Pajamas,” debuted with her book.Genevieve’s inspiring work has caught the attention of many local and national media outlets, including Oprah, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. She has received numerous awards for her work, including ringing the Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell back in 2016. Genevieve is a graduate of Fordham University and lives in Irvington, N.Y., with her husband, Demo DiMartile.

You can learn more about or donate to the Pajama Project by visiting:
And you can learn more about Genevieve  by visiting her website at:

Celebrating our 100th Episode today as we honor, understand, and explore the role and function of cycles in our life.

We are familiar with so many cycles in our life, life the cycle of the moon, our menstrual cycle or the cycle that seasons provide and yet we often times forget to recognize the cycles that are play during our day to day life.

I used to have this misconception that I should be able to be just as productive, focused, or inspired from one day to the next and it completely dishonored my cycles. Once I learned to understand the when’s and why’s of days when I feel open or closed, inspired or resistant, introverted or extroverted, etc. I tapped into greater superpowers and abilities to really make the most of my life on any given day!

That’s what this episode is all about. Let’s lean into the cycles present in our lives and tap into even greater results from our brains, hearts, minds and bodies!


This week, I’m introducing you to Sophia Demas!
Sophia is the Author of “The Divine Language of Coincidence: How Miracles Transformed My Life Once I started Paying attention” which is a spiritual memoir and she has a new book coming out fall 2023!

Today we’re exploring events in Sophia’s life that initially appeared to be coincidences, but upon deeper reflection, turned out to be building blocks of the miraculous. Sophia believes that miracles are not only possible but more common than we realize.

She has also had a very interesting career, having worked in architecture with visionary Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller, running her own couture fashion business, and working as a mental health therapist in private practice. She also created Living a Fearless Life, a twelve-workshop program designed to help society’s most at-risk women increase their self-esteem, which was piloted in the Philadelphia Prison System and implemented with groups of ex-trafficked and ex-homeless women and women in recovery. 

Writing a book was never on
Sophia’s radar, but her experiences compelled to share her truth about miracles with the world. And now she’s here today to continue shedding light on the possibility of miracles and how paying attention to them can transform one’s life.

Life is busy and it can be easy to get into a rut and think that feeling better isn’t something that’s available to you.

I’m here today with some practices, ponderings, exercises and consciousness enhancers that will show you just how much you can change things even if your time feels scarce!

And, as promised in the episode, you can grab a PDF Version of all the things I talk about right here:

So, multitask if you must while you listen, but you don’t want to miss all of these hacks for getting closer to emotional freedom in 5 minutes or less!


You all know I am a mom of 4 but until now, I’ve NEVER Interviewed my boys for the Becoming More Me Podcast.

Last week, I released part one of this series interviewing my boys and this week I’m bringing you part two and we dive deeper into the  minds of my children and all the ways they are becoming more of who they want to be in this world.

So, how did this come to be? In a conversation over spring break with my boys, they began suggesting topics for my upcoming shows and it quickly led to the idea that they were interested in being guests themselves.

While many potential guests submit applications to be guest on the show every week and often wait months to record with me, these guys are pretty connected and we began recording just a few days after they made the suggestion.

I wasn’t sure if the older boys would even be interested but, to my surprise, all of my boys wanted to contribute and have a convo with mom on the pod!

We had such good conversation that we broke this down into a 2 part series.

This week you’ll hear from my  6 year old Jordan and my 17 year old Jayden. And if you haven’t yet checked out part one, that’s where you can learn from my 9 year old, Jace and my 13 year old Jonah.

This was so fun for me as a mom and I hope it gives you a new window into my life as a mom and some cool insights and aha moments that only children and young adults can provide!

You all know I am a mom of 4 but until now, I’ve NEVER Interviewed my boys for the Becoming More Me Podcast.

This week starts a 2 part series diving into the  minds of my children and all the ways they are becoming more of who they want to be in this world.

So, how did this come to be? In a conversation over spring break with my boys, they began suggesting topics for my upcoming shows and it quickly led to the idea that they were interested in being guests themselves.

While many potential guests submit applications to be guest on the show every week and often wait months to record with me, these guys are pretty connected and we began recording just a few days after they made the suggestion.

I wasn’t sure if the older boys would even be interested but, to my surprise, all of my boys wanted to contribute and have a convo with mom on the pod!

We had such good conversation that we broke this down into a 2 part series.

This week you’ll hear from my 9 year old, Jace and my 13 year old Jonah and next week you’ll hear from my 6 year old Jordan and my 17 year old Jayden.

This was so fun for me as a mom and I hope it gives you a new window into my life as a mom and some cool insights and aha moments that only children and young adults can provide!


I did a thing today and I’m so Nervicited! And if the me from last week hadn’t made me accountable, the me from today would have backed out! This episode is all about the ripple effect of accountability and pleasure as they relate to our growth, expansion and enjoyment of life! It’s also about how to get more accountability and pleasure into your life and what I’m following through on in this season to create the growth and happiness I desire each month! Let’s do this together!

So excited to share what I committed to in this episode! 🙂 

Also, feel free to email me about anything you’d like to hear more about in the book that I just fully committed to bringing into the world this YEAR! Happy to receive your suggestions via email at [email protected].

This week, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Sasha Lipskaia.  Sasha Is the host of the “Being Brave with Sasha Lipskaia” Podcast and she is an intuitive mindset coach, purposeful leadership specialist, energy healer,  international speaker,  and spiritual mentor to powerful people seeking a deeper connection to their true, whole, integrated self, and higher calling.

Over the past 20 years, Sasha’s work has integrated mysticism, a variety of healing modalities, shamanism, mindfulness, de-colonial practices, theatrical and movement-based therapeutic art, yogic philosophy, mindset coaching, and sacred sexuality.

Her work has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Business Talk Radio, Canvas Rebel Magazine, Authority magazine, and Best Self Magazine.

She focuses on  guiding her clients to integrate their shadows and rewire their nervous systems while helping them reconnect to the wisdom of their body, and integrate their soul’s guidance….and all of this from a grounded place where they can  create the most impact and meaning. 

This all resonates with me so much….and it just gets better and better throughout this totally aligned interview! Enjoy!

You can find out more about Sasha and her body of work by visiting her website Website:
Guided Magnetic Manifestation Practice:



Hey Hey Hey! I’ve missed you! I haven’t gone solo for the last 9 episodes and I seriously felt like I was going to burst!

This week, I’m sharing some great tips for Podcast Hosts and Guests as well as an update on how I’m upleveling Becoming More Me this year, my book writing plans, and what’s going on with my personal life!  Plus lots of rabbit holes, giggles and straight talk!

As mentioned in the pod, here’s a link for my better therapy checklist

Tiffany Yelverton is my guest this week we share a mission to help women increase confidence! Tiffany fulfills that mission for her clients as the founder and Chief Sexinista at Entice Me Soirees, Inc. and Sexy Survivors. 

Tiffany is a master at disarming sexual shame and normalizing conversations around sex and pleasure. I’m excited for that because we haven’t had a sex centered episode on Becoming More Me until NOW!

Tiffany inspires women to love their bodies and experience the orgasms of their dreams to eradicate the gender pleasure gap. She entices individuals and couples to connect with themselves, at their sexual core, to feel sexier in and out of the bedroom. As a master sex coach, she facilitates sexy courses, workshops, luxury retreats, and coaching experiences plus offers over 400 body-safe, non-toxic sexual pleasure items to enhance life.

Get ready for a fun, informative and sexy conversation where we’ll talk about…How Tiffany got started working with Sex.

The shame and embarrassment around pleasure and sex that so many women suffer from and how to break through that and be able to experience how wonderful it all can be.

The most common “sex blocks”, stories or beliefs Tiffany sees in her business

Our Energy and Chakra’s effect on our enjoyment of sex and physical pleasure.

Elaborating on the ways that feel good hormones like oxytocin show up in sex and improve our intimacy and bond.And….best new sex toys!

Get the Free 5 Secrets to a Sexier You  or visit Tifanny’s  websites – and



I’m so excited to introduce you to Sharon Duncan on this week’s episode. Sharon and I have been a source of feedback and support for each other over the last couple years of growing our businesses.

I love Sharon for a variety of reasons but I think what initially made me admire her business so much is that it combines so many things I enjoy….Money, Intuition, coaching, and energy work!

Sharon has over 35 years on the accounting field and has owned her own practice since 1990 and Financial Coaching, in a very holistic way, is her jam.

To add to her list of credentials, she’s also certified as a yoga teacher, positive psychology coach, holistic health coach, and reiki level two certification as well.

She loves connection with animals, nature and human beings. She excels at helping people overcome the stress of old money stories so they can step them into a life they only dreamed of until now and on this episode we chat about:

How Sharon got into working with money and finances in the first place and how this iteration of her business was birthed.

How to overcome money worry so we can thrive (especially when certain needs are urgent).

The role and value of intuition with money and finances.

Favorite practices, both practical and energetic, for manifesting abundance and financial security.

Calling in wealth and keeping it even during difficult times in financial markets.

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as Sharon and I enjoyed creating it! 

In this episode, I’m introducing you Lisa Garner.  She is a UK based  hypnotherapist, wife and mom who specializes in Rapid Transformational Technique, which combines hypnotherapy with CBT and NLP for fast and effective therapy excellent for fears, phobias, self esteem, weight loss, fertility, OCD, and Anxiety.

Lisa’s journey into hypnosis was preempted by some significant mind shifts she had around infertility….and again when she went through her father’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s. She shares those stories and also expands upon the power of the mind when it comes to working on pain and grief. 

And as many of you know, I am also completing my certification as a hypnotherapist this year so I just wanted to start shedding more light on this way of working with our subconscious mind for much greater results.

Find Lisa at:



If you seen my show in video format or any of my videos filmed in my office for social media lately, you’ll notice I have a beautiful new back drop which is a Gorgeous Moon Calendar….I have enjoyed it so much and gotten so many compliments on it that I decided to reach out to the artist and entrepreneur that created it, Hayley Smith, across the pond in Cornwall England and ask her to have a chat with me.  I was delighted when she accepted my invitation and we had a wonderful chat about aligning with the moon, creative processes, small business, family, and what’s to come for her awesome business, Moon Phase Studios! Have a listen and Enjoy and, if you love this calendar as much as I do, support this awesome artist by purchasing one for yourself or as a gift! Her products are super affordable, beautifully made like nothing else I’ve seen on the market! And her newsletters and marketing are SPOT ON! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Hayley!

For more information on Hayley, Moon Phase Studios and her current offerings, please visit: You can also subscribe to her newsletters on the website. You can also find Hayley on Social media at:


On this episode, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Judy Arazoza. 

Judy owns and operates Grateful Fitness, a strength program for women over forty. 

She’s also the host of the Air Hug Community Podcast. Interesting fact- Judy became a professional body builder in her fifties. ….and rocked it! and her story is inspiring and honest and real! 

She is a podcaster, influencer, wife of 39 years, Mom of 4 grown children and grandmother to 5.

Her core value is to improve the lives of others by uplifting women through awareness, physical activity, and embracing an attitude of gratitude. She believes women attain this confidence in large part by strength training which very often coincides with cultivation of other forms of strength from within. 

She’s got lots of great advice for your midlife physical and mental fitness so press play and dig in!



I’m delighted to be bringing Tracy Taris to you today! Tracy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Speaker and Author of “Many Voices ONE TRUTH”. She is also the president and owner of Healing The Mind & Spirit, Inc. where she leads a team of counselors. 

Her group practice is located in Santa Clarita Valley and provides psychotherapy services for couples, families, individuals, adolescents and children  as well as coaching services that cover a variety of topics from creative blocks, nutritional problems, and women’s issues. 

Tracy holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with and emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcasting from California Polytechnic State University.

We’re going beyond the credentials and into what brought Tracy to writing her book and her best therapy tips for sleep, boundaries and MORE! Enjoy!

Where to find Tracy:

I’m so excited to share this interview with Rena Romano.

Known for her “Unique Perspective” and for being an Expert by Experience, Rena Romano is an Author, Speaker, and “Positivity Pro”. 

She  is a veteran of the TEDx stage and was also a featured guest on “The OPRAH WINFREY Show” where she shared her story and powerful lessons that helped her persevere during and after sexual abuse.  

Her techniques for personal development, will help you thrive in business, love, and life! 

Rena believes “There is Always an Upside” to everything life gives us and that it’s all about reframing self-limiting beliefs!

Anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind (and I think that’s all of us!) is going to benefit from the unique perspective and stories Rena shares in this episode!

Rena’s Links:
Website and Free Weekly Affirmation:



Karolina Rzadkowolska is a certified alcohol-free life coach who helps intuitive women ditch alcohol and discover their greater purpose. On this episode, we’re digging into what happens when you go dry or take a break from alchohol, exploring everything from chemical shifts to changes in consciousness. And we’ll be talking about all the meaning we’ve assigned to alcohol as well as as how drinking is viewed and experienced in main stream culture. And for fun, Karolina is sharing her fave mocktails as well! Karolina has worked with thousands of clients through her programs to change their drinking habit and unleash a new level of health, happiness, and potential to go after their biggest dreams.

Her book Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You (HarperCollins) came out a year ago and presents a wonderful 8 step approach to cutting ties with alcohol.

Karolina is the host of “Euphoric the Podcast”, founder of Euphoric AF, and her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, The Sunday Post, Popsugar, Real Simple, Elite Daily and multiple TV shows. She’s  passionate about helping you discover what really makes you happy outside of a beverage and design a life you love. Let’s dig in!

Learn more about Karolina:
Email: [email protected]

On this episode, I’m talking with Tania Vasallo. Tania is the founder of “The Courage To Be” a community of independent, spiritual, women entrepreneurs who want to learn about money, so that they DON’T DEPEND on anyone else financially. Amen to that, sister!

Since the launch of her business, with a baby in hand and working only 20 hours per week, she was able to reach a 6-figure revenue by her 4th year. 

Born to a Spanish father, an American mother and raised in Spain at the end of a dictatorship, she was constantly in search of freedom. 

Tania is on a mission to support and teach all independent women entrepreneurs the mindset, tools and strategies to grow their money from an easy, practical and spiritual perspective.

We’re digging deep into mindset, beliefs, past conditioning and SO much more as we explore the feminine side of money and investing in a whole new way!

Get Tania’s Amplify Your Abundance eBook here:



On this Episode, I’m talking to inspirational speaker and author, Kute Blackson. Kute wrote the national bestselling book You.Are.The.One. and The Magic of Surrender.

He is a next generation leader in the field of personal development and has been featured on Larry King Now, Fox and Friends, Dr. Drew, and Inc. magazine calls him ‘The Mindfulness Guru Billionaires Go To For Advice’.

I love the parallels between Kute’s work and my own as well as the fresh, bold look at spiritual awareness that he offers and we highlight so much of that in this interview as we dig into transformational teachings that really activate mind, body and soul and help us to manifest the life we were born to live and the feelings we desire most!

Kute recently received the 2019 Walden Award in the “New Thought Wisdom” category that “Unity Organization” honors once a year to recognize socially conscious leaders who are making the world a better place. One of the previous year’s winners in this same category was Oprah Winfrey.

Kute’s Mission is simple but so very important: He’s here to awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically and fulfill their true life’s purpose.

You can learn more about Kute:
Magic of Surrender:
Bali 12-day Breakthrough:

Today I’m talking about the very real and progress dampening feeling of disappointment and how to get turned around and out of a rut when you’re experiencing it. 

I’ll share the the three things that are always present when you’re in resistance and help you understand the law of attraction perspective, the value of your feelings and how to pivot from resistance and upstream thoughts to a place of going with the flow and allowing all that you desire to be received without pressure and urgency. 



My weekly process of planning in a way that honors my ADHD and drives home the things I need to do and the time it takes to do them is something I have actively worked to improve for YEARS!

From figuring out how to merge digital with handwritten, breaking down large goals into bite size pieces so that I actually make them happen and always having a “go to” task or item I can complete when I get distracted or need a reminder about what I promised myself I’d focus on or do with the day….this is how this entrepreneurial wife and mom of 4 organizes her week and I’m sharing the ins and outs of it today.

I’ve mentioned my “planner sheets” on several episodes of the Becoming More Me Podcast and on this episode I’m actually sharing a template with you and explaining how to use and adjust these planning tools so they work best for you!

I’m in the process of testing them digitally as well and I’ll report back about that but they can be easily imported and used if you have a remarkable tablet as well. Just an idea.

Access the Template HERE. and to visually understand more of this episode, you may wish to see the video version of the show HERE.

ADDITIONAL BONUS: If you have trouble getting into planning and mental organization mode like I sometimes do, you may find this round of EFT Tapping especially helpful prior to your planning session!

My guest for Episode 80 is Winnie Chan Wang. 

Winnie has lots of really cool credentials….She is a trauma-informed licensed acupuncturist, author, teacher, shadow worker, Reiki and Shamanic Tao healer, as well as a professor at Alhambra Medical University. 

She is passionate about empowering people with chronic pain to step into their source power to heal themselves and like so many people who love what they do and are good at it, she stepped into her power as she worked through and overcame her own personal setbacks and challenges. 

Like me, Winnie often works with clients that experience anxiety and depression and a feeling of stuckness in their emotional and physical pain. 

She believes the key to healing is to stand powerfully in our authenticity and on todays episode we talk about that as well as holistic trauma healing, our inner victim and how to turn anxiety off like a light switch (and not choke on a banana….you gotta hear that story for yourself!). 

Press play and take this Journey with me and Winnie!




This week we revisit a topic we also touched upon last year (and which I believe will be a yearly staple for the show!). 

Last years “a week in the life” episode was so well received that I promised to make it a yearly episode. 

This episode, which I think I mistakenly said was “a day in the life”, actually goes over a full week of my life in December 2022 and will give you a peek inside what typical stuff looks like around here for my family and my business as well as some special stuff that’s happening this week.

There are also a lot of perspectives shared and opportunities for your own awareness around your habits, calendar and intentions to be elevated as well as practical tips given…..a LOT really does happen in a 7 day period and it’s interesting to see how it changes (or doesn’t) from year to year!

If you have specific questions or parts of my life you’d like a little more visibility about,

Just ask!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kara by chance on my recent weekend away in Saint Michaels with my mom and sister. We exchanged information after a Yoga class and really hit it off and you’ll see why in this episode: For the past 17 years, Kara, a real estate broker associate, has been a trusted advisor for her clients in the DC Metro area. Her goal is to make dreams come true with grace and ease for both her seller and buyer clients. 

She excels in using her deep connections within the community combined with a wealth of experience to transform the real estate experience from one of confusion and fear to magic and clarity. 

As a wife, mom of 3 young children, and long-term businesswoman, she understands the stress of juggling a busy life. Her goal is to make the home selling or buying process a pleasurable and exciting experience for her clients, so they can be happy with their decision and ultimately LOVE being home.

In this episode, we’ll talk about the energetics of buying and selling a home as well as the energy of a home itself. We’ll chat about manifesting, morning routines, balancing home and work life and so much more that goes into living and creating a soul-inspiring life!



For SOO long we’ve been told to work hard, strive, set big hairy scary goals and HUSTLE! And it’s created an imbalance with our soul, our nervous system and our overall contentment and fulfillment. Take a deep breath and Let’s break it down! I’ll tell you what I’m doing currently to melt my resistance, simplify my life and really let the good stuff in with EASE! As always, I love to hear what’s working for you, too!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my listeners! I’m so thankful and grateful for you! Today, we’re talking family, traditions, and making memories and we’re also talking about self work vs. guided work when it comes to EFT. I’ll tie everything together with some awesome stories and breakthroughs experienced by several of my clients that demonstrate the transformative power of this deep healing work!

If you haven’t yet grabbed your free copy of the Better Therapy Checklist, CLICK HERE!



We haven’t played “Catch Up” in awhile and there’s a lot that’s been going on right now.  

I pride myself in taking lessons away from things that happen in my life and when I share those lessons, my hope is that you gleam something helpful from them, too, and perhaps even apply them to your life as well. 

Today, we’re talking about Hamilton (any chance I get, right?), Sick Kiddos, College Applications, Girl’s weekends, and Body Transformation among other things….and in the midst of it, I’ll share thoughts, revelations, changes and shifts with you! 

Dive in with me and let’s catch up together!

Last week, I shared about my Better Therapy Checklist and the response hs been awesome! If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, do so now, for free inside of my free Becoming More Me Community

I hope these tips help you to gain momentum and uplevel your outcomes with all of the ways you are currently investing in yourself! 

If you’re desiring a more personalized recommendation, book a complimentary breakthrough session and learn so much about yourself in the process!

Today I’m sharing my best tips (10 of them!) for getting more out of your therapeutic and self-help endeavors! 

These tips have come from years of listening to women who are not satisfied with their results but don’t know how to get more calm, clarity and confidence out of their therapeutic investments…well, here’s how to level it all up!

And, if you want to see these tips in written form, you can grab the full eBook inside of my Becoming More Me Community, absolutely free! 

I hope these tips help you to gain momentum and create greater outcomes with the time and money you’re already investing in yourself! 

If you’re desiring a more personalized recommendation, please visit to book a breakthrough session, also free! 😉

Enjoy and Thanks for Listening! 



In this Episode, my guest, Donna Wallace is joining me all the way from Melbourne, Australia to talk about Energy, Intuition, the beauty of life’s magic carpet and….Gemstones! 

Donna helps people all around the world to switch on their lights.

With over 25 years of energy healing work exploring many modalities, Donna has been on a mission to find the most powerful and effective techniques for people to heal and evolve.

The work she does with clients today is to help them discover their perfect ‘soulmate stone’, creating soul-sparking heirloom jewelry that helps them blossom into their full soul potential! 

How does all this happen? You’ll want to listen and learn! I hope you enjoy this unique episode and all the “gems” it has to offer! See what I did there? 😉 

You can find out more about Donna’s custom made for the soul jewelry by visiting her Website. 

Today, we’re diving into how and why EFT Tapping and Nervous system regulation are such effective tools for managing ADHD, High Functioning Anxiety/General Anxiety and SOOO much more! We’re going to look at how the ADHD brain is different from non-ADHD brains, why Emotional Dysregulation is so common as well as how to manage it better with EFT Tapping. We’ll be talking about lots of symptoms, how eft can help them, and other aha moments and revelations that you can apply to your life if you, too have ADHD and/or Anxiety! Let’s dig in….

Learn More about High Functioning Anxiety
Learn more about Hyperactivity and ADHD.



Today we’re talking about your nervous system and I’m offering up reasons why it’s regulation is so very important. I’m also sharing some real life examples of how our “stress bucket” is affected by our day to day life and what we can do to expand capacity and manage our stressors so we can uplevel all areas of our lives with greater ease.

With Gratitude,

Ugh….I’m still sick….double eye infection, fatigue, the list goes on….but there are lessons in this sickness. Lessons about me as a recovering perfectionist, lessons about time, lessons about letting parts of my “hustle & grind” persona go, lessons about BEING, lessons that will make now and the future even better…so soak them up these silver lining realizations with me! Every situation brings gifts with it….I’m picking them out and putting a bow on them!


Once you realize that things that feel like a struggle are often not in alignment, and that a different choice could be and feel WAY better, the act of pivoting becomes pretty fun!

But, for most of us, we hold tight to the our struggle with feeling obligated to “stick to the plan” at any cost (Blech!) and I hope this teachable moment that I’m sharing this week helps you let go of that and inspires you when you’re faced with your next opportunity for a pivot! 

My guest on the show today is Sarah Stow and she is an expert in Launching new businesses. Sarah lives on a farm in Australia (more on that story in the Episode!) and is the Host of the “Launch your Biz Now” podcast. Today she’s sharing tons of great advice, tips, mantras and more for new and aspiring business owners and mumpreneurs! 
I’ve always loved having collaborative convos with Biz Coaches because I feel like the work I do compliments the obstacles that people working on their business launch and scaling inevitably face and 

…..the work that Business coaches goes beautifully with the opened minds and regulated nervous systems of those I have the privilege of working with.  

It’s a great partnership that I have with business coaches and I love diving in to that more and getting to share the logical, thinking side of business and step by step approach that can be gained from a financial advisor and business coach of which Sarah is BOTH. 

Sarah is also generously offering her Business Toolkit to listeners and you can get your copy by going to You can also find and connect with Sarah on IG


Since this episode is releasing while the 2022 Aligned Success Workshop is happening, I wanted to give you an actual tapping round to do that will compliment the teaching and feelings that may be coming up. Of course, if you’re not attending the workshop, I think this round will benefit you as well and also, it’s not too late to join!! is the registration website if you would like to jump in! Just press play and tap along with me to integrate what you’ve been learning and fortify your confidence and trust and in the season of change that you are in the midst of right now! Happy Tapping! As always, I love hearing from you….shoot me a message [email protected] and let me know your start and end numbers and what came up for you in the process and, if you’re enjoying the Becoming More Me Podcast, your 5 star review would mean the world to me! Thanks for listening!   

I would not consider myself a natural born networker but I’ve cultivated the skillset really nicely over the years and today I want to share the value of virtual tea, coffee or cacao (there’s a nice side convo on cravings, healthy chocolate and ritual beverages in here, too!) and what leaning into expectation free conversations with others who “feel aligned” can do for your business both in the short and longterm trajectory of your life and business! Let me share some of my favorite practices for masterminding and adding people to your network for support, joint ventures, collabs and ideas that you wouldn’t naturally come up with on your own! Together is better and here’s how to rock it!

Change is the only constant in life and yet, more often than we’d like to admit, we make it hard for ourselves.  Does anyone actually want to “Hustle & Grind” anymore? YECK! Today, I’m talking about all the changes that September has brought to our family and my business and how I’m rolling with it, making it fun and easy and becoming more of the person I want to be through the process. You’ll find a lot of what I share and the tips I have may translate to your life and struggles so we can adapt and grow together!

Don’t forget to sign up and join me for the aligned success workshop

I’m literally giving you access to over 6K worth of my coaching for free (No strings!) today. Over the last 6 months, I’ve worked with over 2 dozen women (and counting) and a brave man or two 😉 to create an incredibly valuable and transformative resource and today, I’m unveiling it! If you’ve ever wanted to work with me or have a better understanding of what we might be able to work on or how healing and transformation actually HAPPEN with EFT, this is YOUR episode and you will definitely want to get your hands on this limited time free gift as well! I’m going to walk you through how to get the most out of this and what you’ll find inside your complimentary copy of “The Private Sessions” and, of course how to get YOURS! Take a Listen!

To get access to over $6,000 worth of private session therapy absolutely free and start this journey together, go to and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….share it with a few ambitious women that you know could us some healing and transformation in their lives to level up their sense of calm, clarity and confidence! Thanks for sharing and helping me reach and add value to the lives of even more amazing women!

This week is a fun recap of Summer and a look forward to fall as we get ready for the Aligned Success Workshop happening in September. 

I’m sharing all about our summer vacay and recent roadtrip to Maine, too, so if you’ve ever wanted to travel visit the state known for amazing parks and coastlines, whoopie pies and lobsters, I’ve got lots of tips and things to share with you!

But all of that is interwoven with the deep desire we all have to level up in live and have it feel good while we do it and that is what the Aligned Success workshop is all about so, if you want to learn all about how I went from being a burnt out, grumpy, overwhelmed, and stressed mompreneur to one who has a heck of a lot more confidence, success, inner peace and clarity in both my home and business life, you are not going to to want to miss this free 5 day, immersive, live event….and did I mention it’s free?

Reserve your spot here: and I hope to see you at the event beginning on Sept 6th! Please share with other ambitious women that you know could benefit from less anxiety and stress and more success and satisfaction! It’s going to be a fantastic week!  If you’re catching this episode AFTER the September workshop, you can still use the link to sign up for the NEXT workshop as well! 🙂

Even though I’m primarily an EFT Practitioner and Inner problem solver, fellow “mompreneurs” often ask to pick my brain about business strategy and I love to geek out on systems and marketing so, here it that’s you as well, here you go! You’re going to LOVE this!

In this episode, I’m breaking down all the ways I use Podcasting to promote my business and spread my message. (and, don’t shy away if you don’t have a podcast, this can be totally reimagined for any kind of audio or video creation you might be doing or have already done!)

Whether you’ve been podcasting for years or you are new to the game, you are likely to get some new ideas that you can immediately put to use to increase your visibility and also get WAY more mileage out of the time you spend recording, whether as a guest or as the host of a show! 

I’m all ears if you’d like to share things you like to do that I didn’t feature in this episode! Have a listen and tell me what you plan to implement!

Shoot me an email or New on iTunes! 🙂 (those are always appreciated!)

And please share the episode with a friend who might learn new ways to leverage their work as well! There’s tons of gold nuggets in this episode and there’s no need for us to keep reinventing the wheel! 

Going deep today, Y’all! Visibility, consciousness, transformation… it relates to podcasting, personal development, and business development! I’m getting vulnerable and visible with you today and hoping this will inspire you to do the same and push you out of your comfort zone and into this realm of growth where only you will ever get to know or experience your unique and deep possibility for breakthroughs beyond your knowing. Don’t wait….jump in!

My guest for this episode is the Founder and CEO of Money Bliss, Hanna Bier. Hanna works with ambitious women all over the world to re-create the relationship with money in life affirming, positive and loving ways. After trying for many years to answer the question, “Is it possible to create wealth without compromising our health, wellness, and our happiness?” As well as, “Can we actually create abundant lives while living a life of joy?”, she happily came to the answer of YES. Today she’ll share how she came to that answer and how she helps others to do the same as an expert in Family Constellation Therapy.

To learn more about Hannah please visit her website at

And to get your own copy of her free affirmation cards, please visit

This week, I’m giving you a whole bunch of ways that you can feel better and raise your vibration.  This is so important on so many different levels, from genuinely feeling happier to being able to match the higher frequencies of the things you wish to manifest in your life. I hope you’ll get in touch with me or leave a review to let me know which you already practice or plan to add to your toolbox of vibe lifting strategies! Enjoy!

This week I’m talking Vanessa Simpkins, the founder of Take Your Power Back Now, a 7 figure women’s empowerment company and also the name of her best-selling book that launched a global movement by sharing the story she never wanted to tell about healing from a toxic relationship and allowing it to help herself and others thrive!

Her own healing journey through divorce, healing trauma and deep diving into the duality of life and shadow work has led to a full rich life as an intuitive healing artist helping leaders breakthrough and heal their inner resistance, visibility and intimacy blocks and body shame. 

Vanessa has been featured on FOX ABC CBS and NBC television & the Huffington post. 

You will discover so much ground covered as we chat about:

-Human Design and the Duality of Life

-Movement and Music for Embodiment

-How to move Traumatic Energy

-Physical Manifestations of Emotions


-Turning off Intuitive Guidance with a Burger and Fries! 😉 

Plus lots of great stories to bring it all together!
The best place to find Vanessa and learn more about Take your Power Back Now as well as her Retreats and other current offerings is on her website, You can also find her by name on Facebook where she also readily responds to messages!

I have got a big announcement this week and hopefully this is the beginning of more things like this! Listen to find out how you can get LIVE coaching with me During the Week of July 18th and have access to the kind of insights, knowledge and actionable advice that, up until now, was ONLY available to my paying clients.  Register Here (Insert full registration link) to attend the LIVE summer series on How to Cultivate Calm, Clarity and Confidence for Busy-Minded Mompreneurs with Big Goals! I hope to see you there and interact with you. I promise, this will be time well spent and full of breakthroughs and energetic shifts!

I have the immense pleasure of bringing you an interview today with my absolute favorite Money Mindset Mentor and Bestselling Author, Denise Duffield Thomas!

I’ve been a fan of Denise’s for a number of years, have read all of her books and regularly enjoy her podcast and programs!

She’s an Awesome Aussie and she’s got a great energy about her and lots of practical wisdom and advice to share. Her Money Bootcamp has helped over 8,000 students from all around the world.

This Month, Denise will launch her new book, ‘Chill and Prosper’, in which she shares invaluable business advice and counterintuitive millionaire mindset lessons that will set you on the path of abundance.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, or need some inspiration and guidance to take the next step, you’ll find simple, actionable advice to help you find the path of least resistance to success.

For more Info please visit:

This episode covers a lot of ground and Denise generously shared a ton of actionable tips and tricks, too.  If you’re working on big goals or trying to figure out this whole “manifesting thing”, you won’t want to miss this episode!

In this episode come out I am giving you all of my favorite ways to calm the H in ADHD….and also how to better understand what it means and how it shows up, especially for those of us who don’t resonate with physical hyperactivity.We’ll cover: 5 senses, EFT, breathwork, appreciation, journaling, prosperity exercises, affirmation, walking, timers, essential oils and perfumes, baths and showers, grounding, laughter, binaural beats, self guided hypnosis tracks, talking, one point tapping

In this episode, I’m talking to Dr. Sarah Meyer.  She’s the Host of the Embrace.Live.Thrive. Podcast of which I had the pleasure of being on Episode (Insert proper episode number) recently! Sarah is passionate about destigmatizing mental health issues in motherhood and educating women on foundations of self-care. Through her podcast, and online support groups, she is determined to create a safe space for women to come and know that its ok to not be ok, but that they don’t need to stay in that place. Sarah is passionate about serving her community and talking about the hard issues to help women know they are not alone. Please listen as she shares about her life and challenges as well as the ways she has worked through them to support herself, her spirit and her family in deeper and more grounded ways!

Are you a female entrepreneur who feels like your branding could use a tune up? You’re in for a treat today because Susan Meier has joined me to give some perspective and actionable advice on how to untangle all the zig-zags of our careers and stories in an effort to locate the clear, shiny thread that illuminates our story so we can design the next steps of our professional journey.

For more than 20 years, Susan has helped Fortune 500 companies define brand strategy and create distinctive messaging.

She uses these tools, along with what she’s learned on her OWN zig-zag career path across business, art, and parenting, to empower women to craft their personal brand and discover a roadmap toward a life of purpose.

Susan is an alum of Harvard Business School and the Boston Consulting Group and this brilliant and beautiful woman is on a mission to empower professional women to OWN their stories and UNLOCK their promise.

I hope you enjoy this episode and I welcome your commentsreviews and feedback!

Holy cow! It’s already been a year!? Wow! Today, I am coming to you with the same energy I did for episode zero… Pressing Record and seeing what happens! Only we now have a year of episodes under our belt so I am going to recap the last 52 episodes and reflect on them! Don’t worry, there are new insights and inspiration to be shared as well! Don’t miss this fun walk down memory lane and all of the transformative growth that has happened in the last 365 days! Excited to dive in to the next 365! Let’s Go!

In this Episode, I’m having a conversation with Megan Swan and we’re diving into Mommy Wine Culture, Intuition, World Travel and the Empowerment that comes with minding your wellness! 
I had the pleasure to get to know Megan a little bit when I went on her Podcast, Energetically You.Megan is an Integrated Wellness & Business Coach specializing in helping powerful Wellpreneurs optimize their wellness so they can step into a CEO mindset, have magnetic energy and confidence to start taking aligned actions to follow their dreams.  

She brings together a neat combination of experience in wellness as a certified INN Coach, Plant-Based Chef, Yoga Teacher and CEO and she has been her own boss for the last 10 years. 

13 years ago, she sold everything to embark on her own sort of “Eat, Pray, Love” journey  and today, she finds herself still on her first stop where she fell in love with one of her English students. 

She and her husband have two beautiful boys and two adorable dogs.  They love to travel and explore the lesser known beaches of Mexico and you won’t want to miss all the juicy conversation and insights that this episode provides!

In this episode, I am talking with my friend and the #1 Balance and Relationship Expert in the world, Naketa Ren Thigpen.  This episode is vulnerable, transparent and brilliant as Naketa shares nuggets from her past that have shaped her into the woman, helper and leader she is today.  She’s also got great tips for deepening intimacy with your “forever lover” and great shares around being intentionally selfish and breaking multi generational patterns and behaviors to create positive change and newly defined life! Don’t Miss it, Y’all!

I used to LIVE and DIE by my to do list. It’s embarrassing to admit but 100% the truth. My “list” was the rulebook and my inner critic went full on when I fell short.
I feel sad for my former self when I look back on the way it would play out but I know I need to share about it because too often I see women wearing BUSY and PRODUCTIVE like a badge of honor or beating themselves up when they fall short on fitting it all in or getting it all done.
And I’m living proof that it DOESN’T have to be that way and that living that way is, in fact, blocking the very outcomes you say you want!
These days, I embrace my robust life and I’ve developed ways of addressing my goals and to do list with a lot more compassion that calms and quiets my inner critic! Please not that does NOT mean I’m not getting stuff done….I’m still ambitious AF!
But, what about being still? Doing Nothing? That used to be SO incredibly hard for me. Actually, it felt IMPOSSIBLE! But I’ve made greater peace with that, too…Wanna hear how you can, too?
Tune in as I chat about the Dutch concept of Niksen and ways to slow down that can increase your productivity, reduce your stress and help you uncover what lies beneath the “busy” façade!

This week, you are going to want to press play on my interview with LaQuita Monley and catch our conversation because her personal life experiences and choices have given way to growth on so many levels.

LaQuita is a transformational coach, devoted military spouse, mom of 5 and grandmother of 5 and I guarantee you’ll find relatable moments as she shares her journey and stories with us.

These vulnerable and pivotal moments that Laquita shares are sure to renew your spirit and open your mind!

Listen as she shares the struggles and challenges that brought her into her current place of spirituality, mindset, unlearning and growth.

Most Fortune Cookies are vague and could apply to anyone but my latest fortune was like a huge head nod from the universe that just kept delivering all week long in quite specific ways!

With a little foresight, a lot of present moment enjoyment and the blessings of appreciation that come with hindsight, this is a pretty cool part of a larger story and manifestation I’ve been sharing in episodes for the last month….

ENJOY the ride cuz it’s sending you to FUN!

In this episode, I’ll share how to cultivate clarity and consciousness so you can create real and lasting change when it comes to your greatest challenges including the processes of EFT and Law of attraction when it comes to the transformations we desire.

And I have a special favor to ask that will ultimately serve you really well if you follow through because it will allow you to ask for specific coaching and have it delivered in my next workshop absolutely free! 

After you’ve listened to the episode, please submit your answers to me via email at [email protected].

This week I’m going to tell you a story about a big decision I had to make and the self coaching, emotional freedom and law of attraction principles I applied to make the decision with much greater ease. Thankfully, in this case, it was a decision I was blessed to get to make that is going to greatly contribute to positive feelings I have around supporting my children and creating incredible memories together but it was a major challenge for a moment to wrap my head around it all and I just know that you face stuff like this all the time, too! Let’s walk through putting together the puzzle of decisions and manifesting together. Bring your Kleenex cuz I get emotional….

If you want to tune in and see if you see me and my son in the stands and cheer on Team 1111 and their Robot, Corvus, at World Championships in Houston Texas from April 20-23rd, you can live stream the event on Twitch and follow the team at :

Wishing you ease in your decision making and outcomes that make you forget all the trouble!

In this episode, I’m talking to certified professional life & career coach, Deborah Voll, all about 2nd Acts, Purpose, Passion and Transformation!

You can learn more about Deborah and her Coaching by visiting .  And you can listen to her podcast, Calm the Chaos, here.

In this episode, I will share our experience securing passports for our four children less than three weeks prior to our international vacation.

If you haven’t already checked out episode 39, that’s where you’ll find PART ONE so you can catch up. In addition to sharing fun travel information, I’ll give you the low down about the actual appointments and also share the mindset shifts that made what could have felt chaotic drugery, a fun and exciting extension of our vacation.

EFT tapping truly helps in ALL situations!

In this episode, I’m having a conversation with Lawyer and Life Coach, Melissa Chureau, who has done some amazing work around Unwarranted Self Doubts (Aka: Imposterism). I got to know Melissa when she came to me as a client looking to overcome her fear of flying and have grown to know and love her since! I’m so glad to be able to shine her light and share her purpose and passion on the show today! Enjoy!

Learn more about Melissa and Her Coaching:

I can’t tell you how much the practice of EFT saved me, my marriage, my family, and my sanity when we sold and purchased our last home. Today, I’m going to share a few nuggets and examples of things that come up during the process of preparing a home to sell and purchasing a new one that are excellent to apply emotional freedom technique to. In my opinion, every person or family selling or buying a home and every real estate agent could benefit from this therapeutic modality because inevitably, tons of challenges and unexpected things come up when you were buying or selling a home and they also bring the service many things that you haven’t dealt with yet. Ultimately, it’s all a blessing but the consciousness that can be gained around it through EFT work, makes it even more worthwhile.

In today’s episode I am going to share with you about the value of deeper learning from something you’ve already read or previously understood as well as share with you the things I have been reading and rereading in my audible library and lots of a-ha moments from the books themselves
If you’re reading something amazing right now, I’d love it if you shared it with me.
Shoot me an email at [email protected] and let’s chat! – Join me in conversation about how to use EFT for all of your life challenges and to elevate your current vibrations!

Today’s podcast episode 39 shares a big lesson learned 5 years ago when we were preparing for our first international vacation as a family of 6….but apparently, I didn’t learn it well enough because history is somewhat repeating itself RIGHT NOW…or rather “I am repeating myself”..

Live and learn…and then learn some more while not forgetting the living….

Thank goodness this time, I’m way better equipped to deal with the challenge mentally and emotionally!  

Have you ever wondered what symptoms like overwhelm, people pleasing, perfectionism, and overachieving, and a need to always be busy add up to? In this episode we’ll explore the ways that High Functioning Anxiety presents itself and explore what’s behind it and how to resolve it.

In this episode, I’m discussing how expectations can sabotage us (aka: Stealth Expectations) and how recognizing and recovering from periods of overwhelm and depression can be made easier by identifying those unspoken expectations as I share my week of overwhelm, breakdowns and breakthroughs.

It’s very apropos that this all happened at the same time as I received a bouquet of beautiful long stem roses that expressed a parallel pattern to what was going on in my life.

There’s beauty and lessons in all the confusion!

You’re in for a treat today as I dive into the unexpected perks as well as some awesome tips and tricks you can put to use today as you implement emotional freedom techniques.  Seriously y’all….tapping is the ULTIMATE “friend with benefits!” and it’s your turn to see for yourself!

In this episode I’m going in depth about why personal development and knowledge fails when it comes to actually creating a change in our lives. I’m also sharing two brand new big goals that I’ve added to my personal list for 2022. I’d love to hear what your BHAGS for the year might be and I hope the information about how to get unstuck with your personal development and desired action taking help you make them happen! 

If you’ve ever been curious about hypnosis, don’t miss this candid interview with Lynnsey Robinson, Certified Hypnotherapist and Intuitive as she shares her journey with hypnotherapy, describes how it works and deep dives into multiple intricacies and benefits of the practice.  I personally love hypnosis and the way it pairs with EFT and other therapies to facilitate faster and more permanent change with ease. This was such a fun and informative conversation….we might need to revisit this on a future episode, too! I welcome your questions about the practice and things you’d like to know more about.

To connect with Lynnsey and learn more about her coaching, memberships and other offerings, go to and be sure to also check out the High Vibin’ It Podcast that she co-hosts with Kelsey Aida.

In today’s episode we’re talking about handling life when unexpected challenges come your way. I’m gonna talk about to gut punches that hit me and my family within a 12 hour period and how I’m coping with them. I’ll also share a tapping round that you can do along with me to help lowerThe stress or other negative emotions encountered when unexpected negative things happen in your life and throw you for a loop.

In this episode we talking about co-creating and improving your relationship with the universe, manifesting everything from parking spaces to your dream hubby, and Affirming your way to self love and acceptance in ways you’ll actually BELIEVE it can happen! I’ve got self-empowerment author and advocate, Kelsey Aida on the show today and she’s here to help you own your power and win at life! Dig in and find some new ways to become more of who you want to be in this world with ease and fun!

To connect with Kelsey and learn more about her books, coaching and other offerings, go to and be sure to also check out the High Vibin’ It Podcast that she co-hosts with Lynnsey Robinson.

Full speed ahead is a recipe for eventual disaster. While it can wreak havoc on anxious or panicky types to slow down AT ALL, it is ultimately what is necessary to gain traction and be able to speed up when it makes sense in life and business. It’s also necessary in order to get OUT of letting feelings of anxiousness run your life instead of YOU!

In today’s episode we’ll talk more about what slowing down to speed up actually looks like and how it translates to better success, mental health and so much more! Take a few minutes and SLOW DOWN with me! It’ll be worth it!

In last weeks episode we talked a little bit about the undercurrent of stress and anxiety we carry from past events and how proper work and reflection with EFT and really resolve those energetic blockages and bring more of your power into the present moment without dwelling on the past in unhelpful ways.

Today I’m sharing with you some very personal examples of what this might look like, and why certain treatment methods are so effective and fast in comparison to other ways of dealing with past traumas and bothersome memories that are still doing damage presently even if you’re not conscious of it. We’re going deep today and I can’t wait for you to dive in with me!

2021 is coming to a close and I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you who has joined me in listening to the becoming more me podcast during its first year and production.

As someone who believe s we can change a lot for our present moment in the type of reflection and work we do on past events, today I’d like to give you a helpful exercise to reflect and recap your 2021 as you turn the page to 2022.

If you find this episode later on, don’t worry, it will be relevant any time, not just during the transition from one year to the next!

I would love to hear some of the things that you have found pride in doing in the past year if you’d like to share them with me. Wishing you a wonderful close of 2021 and an amazing beginning of 2022! 

Goal setting seems pretty straightforward and yet most people have a lot of difficulty actually achieving big goals. Most of this has to do with subconscious blocks and even trauma from previous goals that didn’t come to fruition or work out how we intended. In this episode, we’re going to talk about all of that and learn how to get past the energetic and unconscious obstacles so that you can become someone who both sets and achieves amazing goals!

People always ask how I do what I do….there are many reasons they ask…but this episode will give you a peek inside what typical weekly stuff looks like around here for my family and my business as well as some special stuff that’s happening this week. I’ll share some ADHD and mindset hacks, some time saving health and nutrition hacks, some ways I delegate, how we’re preparing for holidays and generally taking care of our home and kids and SO much more…..a LOT really does happen in a 7 day period! If you have specific questions or parts of my life you’d like a little more visibility about, just ask!

In this episode, I’m giving you all the important points you’ll want to know and check out before you hire an EFT coach or anyone you’re bringing into your circle to help you up-level your life or sort out your challenges! These tips and insights will save you time and money and get you far better results from the coaching you seek! If you’d like to have a private chat with me about how I may be able to help or support you, please apply here. Best of luck discovering the right person for you to “do the work” with! Your diligence and discretion as you make this choice will be a big difference maker for you!

Today’s topic totally fascinates, excites and empowers my ever move! Understanding the liberation of our negative emotions and the manifestation of our positive ones is not something we ever learn about in school….though we totally should! In this episode you’ll learn about the limitlessness of the upper chakras and the complete limitations of the lower ones and how they support and build on each other. This understanding will lead you to be able to pinpoint exactly what is in need of work in your life in order for you to be able to do and achieve things that have never seemed possible previously! Let’s get manifesting, baby!

There is a lot of complimentary knowledge that supports my EFT practice and the way I help people achieve breakthroughs, goals, inner peace and emotional freedom. In my opinion, none is more powerful than the use of the Chakra System with EFT.  Since I know that Chakras will come in many future episodes, I wanted to spend a little time this week just talking generally about the system….what it is, where the 7 chakras are located, how they affect us, how we can affect them and so much more! I hope this is a fun, and logical way to understand the energy centers of our body and just how powerful and empowering our understanding of them can be when it comes to achieving what we want in life!

In this week’s episode, I am sharing an interview I had the privilege of giving to Stephen Carter from the EFT Tapping Junction Podcast, which I highly recommend checking out.
He speaks to many EFT experts on his show, especially those who use other modalities in conjunction with the emotional freedom technique.
In this episode I’m talking about the disempowering beliefs blocking female entrepreneurs from success and how they can be transformed using EFT.
I’ll be sharing how I have overcome struggles with ADHD, trauma, and anxiety to create a successful business, as well as emotional well being and how others can do the same.

Here’s the link if you would like to grab a copy of unblock your energy to unlock success as a mompreneur.

In this episode we’re talking about the evolution of evolution….more specifically the value of consciousness, reflection and refinement on the results you’re after in your life, relationships and business. We’ll take a look at procrastination and self sabotage as I share some real life examples from my experiences in implementing what I’ve learned over the years and leveling up!

In this episode I will give you a real life example deep inner work directly correlates to the way you move forward with different tasks and strategies you are wanting to implement (or have been consciously or unconsciously avoiding) in your business… Or in any other area of your life!

This is going to bring it full circle and connect ADHD tendencies with EFT (emotional freedom technique) solutions as well as my easy trick for emailing your customer/client list daily in 15 minutes or less…

I’d love to hear from you… What have you been avoiding, dragging your feet about or delaying the completion of? Is there any place in your life or business where my transcription trick could save you time and energy?

Interested in strategizing about the best ways to improve the way you feel and flow in your life in business? Let’s chat!

Do thoughts ever just pile up in your head with no time to express them the way you feel you need to?  Have you ever noticed there are cycles to this that may even correspond to your menstrual cycle? Today, I’ll share with you the way I recently dealt with what felt like a huge backlog of feelings and things I needed to talk about and explain the seasons of our cycles.  If you need help sorting through your thoughts and the way they show up as action or inaction in your life, let’s chat. Having a conversation is the way I help people begin the process of breaking through and creating a different experience and outcome for themselves.  And it’s free! 🙂 I look forward to learning about your life challenges soon and helping you create a plan for success and emotional freedom!

This episode is all about Meditation…and many ways to get mindful….even while multitasking.  So, if you’ve ever doubted your capability to meditate, or have adhd like me and simply find it REALLY challenging sometimes (all the time, lol),  join me and and discover some methods that may be just the thing to get you into the Ohm-zone! And, you know i love EFT so if you want to use EFT as your form of meditation, grab this ebook which is full of great 5 minute exercises and tap along rounds to get you feeling happily meditated and positively transformed!
Click here

Today we’re talking about value, perceived and monetary, accountability, and why paying for the things you value matters and creates a greater result.

What do you value?

I’d love to hear about things you like to go to waste or never paid attention to until you paid for them or things you value immensely because of the way you’ve invested in them.

Happy listening!

If this time of year or life in general has you feeling anxious, please check out this awesome free e-book I just published!

I swear sometimes podcasting is my most effective form of therapy for myself, 🤣

But seriously, it’s great to get to talk through things with you guys/my audience and I always appreciate your insights and feedback.

Today, my ADHD brain is going all over the place but I promise everything connects!

From the way that I organize my listening library to the way the school year has been starting off with four kids and five schools, national bus shortages, had a massive need to put coping mechanisms into use, we’re gonna talk about a little bit of everything.

If this time of year or life in general has you feeling anxious, please check out this awesome free e-book I just published!

This episode is my interview from the Your Best Life and Business where I was interviewed by Mala Kennedy.

As a special perk to my listeners, you can still snag the free gift I talked about here.

Now, let’s chat about EFT’s unreal ability to help mompreneurs get unblocked and navigate their complex emotions surrounding home and business life!!

If there’s a particular way that bring a mompreneur is weighing on you, I’d be grateful to hear about it and speak into it in a future episode! Send me a message or tag me on social!

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenna Reiss, a Breathwork Meditation Healer. Listen to learn more about the healing power of breath and experience some breathing techniques with us.  We go deep!

If it’s easier for you to understand the breathing techniques by watching, please catch the video version of the podcast on YouTube.

Learn more from Jenna or work with her directly by visiting her website at

And please, send me a message or tag me on social with your aha moments and takeaways from todays show! I love hearing from you!

This episode is an excerpt from the Overwhelmed to Empowered Summit where I was interviewed by Breathwork and Meditation Instructor Andrea Baykir.

As a special perk to my listeners, you can still snag the free gift I talked about here

Now, let’s chat about EFT’s unlimited potential to help Mom’s navigate their complex emotions and towering responsibilities with greater ease, consciousness, joy and fulfillment!

If there’s a particular way that motherhood is weighing on you, I’d be grateful to hear about it and speak into it in a future tapping round! Send me a message or tag me on social!

I’m so excited that the FIRST guest I’m talking to on this show is someone who has played a key role in inspiring, supporting and mentoring me to where I am today!

Meghan Eggleston is a mom of 3 who built a 7-figure business as top leader in a health & wellness MLMl She’s now launching a life coaching practice & she’s always been passionate about helping women courageously create what they want in their lives.

Check out the awesome conversation between me and Meghan….there’s some deep thoughts going on in this one and we’re examining and deconstructing each of them thoroughly!

Learn more from Meghan by visiting her website at and book a free life coaching session with her here (limited time!) :

There is a very fine line between procrastinating and prioritization.  In this episode, we’re going to cover how to differentiate between the two and find more ways to prioritize and stop procrastinating so much. Please tag or message me with any additional ideas you might have or lightbulb moments you experience while you’re listening…I’d love to be part of the conversation!

Click here for the tapping round to end procrastination

As a Work from Home Mompreneur who helps other WFH business oriented Mamas, Back to School (BTS) time is full of change and can give us extra things to navigate and figure out. Here are some tips for dealing with all the complex things that come at us during this season…

I’d love to hear from you…what are your best tips or questions about dealing with this season of change?

Hot off of an amazing workshop with fellow female entrepreneurs and coaches and wanting to honor the fact that we all need help and that only through accepting that assistance and those up-leveled accountability, can we be the coaches, mentors and supporters that we strive to be. It just can’t be done well or for very long ALONE….It’s essential to embrace the process yourself. I mean, how can you expect your clients to be coachable if you aren’t?

In this episode, we’re talking about mentorship and the awesome breakthroughs, perspectives and opportunities that show up when you seek or provide mentoring.

I’d love to hear about your mentoring experiences or the cool insights or breakthroughs that came from them…

When planning and executing trips for a large family with a wide variety of ages, capabilities and interests, it can be a little challenging but I wanted to share both the mental health and planning side of family vacay as well as the actual things we did and places we went because the whole trip was pretty awesome! We created tons of amazing memories and had a lot of cool learning opportunities, too. Among them, I learned that EFT is amazing for that rollercoaster anxiety that kicks in right before you buckle in….And that meditation and “me time” built in to each day made a huge difference in my mood, stress and ability to “go with the flow” throughout the days with a family that doesn’t always put their best foot forward, behave or agree on things…

Schedule your Free Emotional Mapping Strategy Session: Click Here

The family restaurant I recommended in Sandusky was Berardi’s:

Here’s some cool info on the Pittsburgh Incline that we took and walked to DiFiore’s Ice Cream on Shiloh Street.

In this episode, I’m going tot let you into the sacred space of my early morning, share my current routine and give you tips and ideas for elevating your vibe, improving your mental and physical health, clearing your energy and setting up your day for success! Please share the things you want to start doing or the things you currently do that have been raising your frequency and making you feel amazing as your day begins! What time do you normally rise and shine?

I’m so pumped to bring you PART THREE of this special 3 part series on Unblocking your Energy to Unlock Success in your Business! I have created special eBooks to go along with each episode and you can grab yours here, absolutely free:

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback on this transformative series! I hope the material helps you to begin the process of up leveling your business and your personal levels of Emotional Freedom so you can share your gifts with the world with even more ease, joy and success! 🙂

Tag me on social @theresalearlevine as you share your excitement or takeaways from each episode and I’ll send you an awesome tapping session video!

I’m so pumped to bring you PART TWO of this special 3 part series on Unblocking your Energy to Unlock Success in your Business! I have created special eBooks to go along with each episode and you can grab yours here, absolutely free:

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback on this transformative series! I hope the material helps you to begin the process of up leveling your business and your personal levels of Emotional Freedom so you can share your gifts with the world with even more ease, joy and success! 🙂

Tag me on social @theresalearlevine as you share your excitement or takeaways from each episode and I’ll send you an awesome tapping session video!

I’m so pumped to bring you this special 3 part series on Unblocking your Energy to Unlock Success in your Business! I have created special eBooks to go along with each episode and you can grab yours here, absolutely free:

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback on this transformative series! I hope the material helps you to begin the process of up leveling your business and your personal levels of Emotional Freedom so you can share your gifts with the world with even more ease, joy and success! 🙂

Tag me on social @theresalearlevine as you share your excitement or takeaways from each episode and I’ll send you an awesome tapping session video!

✨💕✨The seasons are changing and it’s time to re-evaluate, examine and even reconfigure your goals and schedule so you can keep fueling your dreams even amidst the changes.  Let my grit and recovering perfectionism inspire and lift you up as we navigate this together! ✨💕✨This episode is definitely a real life example of taking imperfect action and rolling with the changes….. ENJOY!

In this episode, I’m going to share with you my interview from the Mindset Evolution Summit where I appeared LIVE on June 5, 2021.  I was interviewed by business strategist and life coach, Stacey Brass Russell. There is a complete EFT Tapping round shared during the interview and I invite you to enjoy a video version that may be easier to follow along with here. Come along for the journey and learn how to integrate and grow with all the wonderful knowledge that comes your way each and every day that you are learning and expanding your mindfulness practices.

In this episode I want to lay the groundwork for how and why EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, has become such a big part of the work that I do and how the calling to pursue it arrived for a long time in whispers that I pushed aside before the louder and less easy to ignore signs showed up for me.  Everything in good time, right! Today is all about learning to trust your gut, develop your intuition and  allow it to guide you to amazing new frontiers!

Are we ever really ready to begin when something is new and totally foreign to us? Our wanting to feel ready holds us back in more ways than we are conscious of.  For me, it’s held up the release of this podcast for way longer than I ever imagined so today is about showing up fully and imperfectly, ripping off the band-aid of getting started and making a commitment to DO THIS THING! I hope it may inspire you to do the same if you’ve been sitting on a dream, waiting for a moment or trying to get things “just right” before you take a first big step with something…